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Message from Vice Principals

Selim Haider Chowdhury

Vice Principal (Morning)

Malin Kumar Basu
Vice Principal (Day)

Md. Sirajul Islam
Vice Principal (Day)

Md. Shahedul Haque
Vice Principal (Morning)



With the establishment of Khulna Public College, Khulna it is dedicated to deliver its best in academic arena along with the management and administration of academic institutions. Official Website of Khulna Public College is such a step accompanying the Digital Bangladesh Mission and Vision of the government of the Peoplesí Republic of Bangladesh.

The prime criteria of Digital Bangladesh is to ensure information and communication technology for all. To facilitate this stream, Khulna Public College, as a strong companion of the vision is trying to digitize the total College activities including both academic and administrative as a pioneer in Khulna division of Bangladesh. The main motto is to move towards a solely digitized system where students may get service electronically for both regular academic activities and other supporting activities. Within the shortest possible time KPC will provide a querying system for the guardians whereby they will be able to contact with concerned personnel of KPC to get the accurate information about the progress or status of his son. From the next year it is expected to completely digitize the admission system of Khulna Public College. To bring dynamicity among the teachers, it is planned to provide them training regarding Digital Bangladesh. Whenever it will be possible to completely digitize the internal administration system of Khulna Public College, it will of no doubt open a new dimension and establish a milestone in the arena of education in Bangladesh.

Khulna Public College has already taken initiatives to turn this website as a pioneer in the Information technology oriented teaching and learning as well as administration process of Bangladesh with the help of the experts of the academic and administrative personnel of Khulna Public College, Khulna.
With this happy initiation of the IT based management and e-learning systems of Khulna Public College, Khulna, we expect a sound and rapid growth of the website towards its ambitions. Lastly but not the least, a warm congratulation goes to the IT committee and experts of Department of Computer Science of Khulna Public College, Khulna.


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