Legalization of cannabis is a hot topic, and Republicans are supporting it. These politicians have influenced the change in their party’s stance on marijuana use and legalization. Experts say that these changes will likely lead to more legalization across many states as well as federal legislation within the next few years.,

The “federal legalization bill 2021” is a bill that has been proposed by Republicans in Congress. The bill would legalize cannabis federally and remove the current restrictions on the plant.

The percentage of Republicans who support marijuana legalization in some form is increasing. Here’s a list of ten people who have lately shown their support.

The majority of Americans support some sort of cannabis legalization. This number, along with other fresh viewpoints on cannabis, has prompted numerous Republican members of Congress to support marijuana legalization.

A handful of Republicans have lately expressed or reiterated their support for expanding cannabis legalization. Some reside in places where cannabis is a big business, while others are trying to get medicinal marijuana for veterans approved.

Some conservatives are changing their minds for a variety of reasons. Republicans are openly altering their tune on cannabis, regardless of their personal motives. The following is a list of ten prominent Republican members of Congress who have supported marijuana legalization in some manner.

According to NPR, Joyce is a co-sponsor of a GOP bill that would regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol and allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to prescribe cannabis therapies to veterans.

The measure, dubbed the “Common Sense Cannabis Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses, and Medical Professionals Act,” was sponsored by Joyce. The bill is the first of its sort introduced by a Republican lawmaker, and its sentiments have the potential to influence Republican attitudes about marijuana legalization.


Alaskan Don Young

Don Young, along with Joyce, was a co-sponsor of the cannabis reform bill. “This law isn’t perfect,” Young tweeted, “but it takes vital measures to defend our personal liberty and freedom.” Young has also urged his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work together on this measure to help advance the country closer to what he considers to be liberty.

Young was also one of just five Republicans to support the MORE Act, which seeks to legalize marijuana.


Florida’s Brian Mast

Another Republican, Brian Mast, voted in favor of the MORE Act. The Florida lawmaker has also been known to invest in marijuana equities on occasion.

A representative for Mast noted, “Congressman Mast has been a longstanding champion for federal legalization of marijuana.”

Why Does Congress Need Two Years To Federally Legalize Marijuana?

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Florida’s Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, voted in favor of the MORE Act as well. Gaetz has been outspoken about his views on marijuana and believes it is past time for his fellow Republicans to rethink their attitudes.

“The American people do not accept policies of imprisonment, restricted research, limited choice, and especially medical application restrictions,” Gaetz added.


Florida’s Greg Steube

A third Florida congressman, Greg Steube, favors cannabis legalization. Steube did not vote for the MORE Act, although he has voted in favor of other cannabis-related measures.

Steube has recently introduced amendments in favor of veterans’ use of state-approved medicinal marijuana programs, and he is a strong advocate for veterans’ access to medical marijuana.


Californian Tom McClintock

As a Republican in a blue state with a lengthy cannabis history, Tom McClintock has a unique perspective on marijuana. McClintock, the Republican congressman represents a California area famed for its cannabis crop, supports his constituents on the cannabis issue.

“The people of California spoke plainly on that subject,” McClintock remarked during a 2003 debate while he was campaigning for governor, referring to Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana. The federal government does not have the authority to interfere.”


Pennsylvania’s Guy Reschenthaler

Guy Reschenthaler was a co-sponsor of the SAFE Banking Act, which allows banks to work with the marijuana sector. He has just reintroduced the “Clean Slate” bill, which has gained a lot of traction. This bill would make it easier to seal criminal records, including those for nonviolent marijuana crimes.

How Long Before The Senate Approves The SAFE Banking Act?

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Kentucky’s Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie has a lengthy history of supporting marijuana, particularly when it comes to gun ownership. According to Massie, the first political party to completely support marijuana would earn tremendous popularity and favor.

“The first party that does this—and I don’t understand why either party won’t do it,” Massie said when asked about cannabis legalization by Fox Business. “The first party that does this—and I don’t understand why either party won’t do it—will instantly gain 10 points in the general poll on which party versus the other.”


Virginia Riggleman, Denver Riggleman

In November, Denver Riggleman was defeated by his democratic opponent. Prior to leaving office, he voted in favor of the MORE Act. Riggleman has remained in the limelight after leaving government, campaigning for the Veterans Cannabis Project.

“The states, not the federal government, should be in control of their own marijuana policy,” Riggleman said.


Michigan’s Justin Amash

As a Republican, Congressman Justin Amash voted in support of the MORE Act. Amash has now switched parties to the Libertarian Party, but his views on marijuana legalization have not changed.

In December 2020, Amash tweeted, “Better to tax marijuana like alcohol than keep it illegal, which amounts to an unending tax.” “It’s preferable to have some marijuana control than the existing maximum regulation: prohibition.”

The “marijuanas legalized florida” is a topic that has been going on for a while. 10 Notable Republicans In Congress have backed cannabis legalization.

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