Black people are disproportionately incarcerated for cannabis crimes, especially in states that have strict marijuana laws. This means there is a huge incentive to create black-owned businesses and give them money this holiday season.

The “black-owned dispensaries in california” is a list of 11 cannabis companies that are owned by black people. The companies all operate in California, so they will be very close to where you live.

11 Black-owned cannabis companies to gift from this holiday season



Black entrepreneurs are redefining cannabis in a variety of ways, from CBD therapy to epic highs to gourmet meals (again)

For millennia, cannabis has been a vital part of Black culture. Because of its legalization, numerous Black entrepreneurs may now legally market the world’s most popular and once-stigmatized recreational narcotic.

If you’re searching for a present that will put your loved one on “Cloud 9” this Christmas, here are 12 Black-owned cannabis firms to consider:

1. Viola

Viola is a cultural brand founded by former NBA player Al Harrington. It combines cannabis with well-known athletes and entertainers to educate and sell its line of flower, vapes, edibles, and other products. Viola is now available in retailers in Colorado, California, Michigan, and Oregon.

22. 2 Deuces

Another company with an NBA link is Deuces 22: Tyla Salley, the daughter of four-time winner and co-founder John Salley, started it. Her company sells items as well as instructional materials to assist clients and the general public learn the advantages and uses of cannabis.

3. Extracts from Oakland

Oakland Extracts creator Terryn Niles Buxton develops high-quality, small-batch items for his California consumers, supplying “Terps from the Town.” Customers return to the brand because of the trademark cookie crumble concentration, which is available in live resin and vapes.

4. Affect V

Vetra Stevens, the first Black woman to own and run a dispensary in Wayne County, Michigan, is launching a new product line called V Affect. Her 1st Quality Medz boutique in Metro Detroit sells flower, vapes, topicals, and more, all of which are obtained from her own grow and processing facility.

5. Pure and Simple

Simply Pure was created by war veterans Wanda James and Scott Durrah in Denver, making it the country’s first Black and female-owned cannabis dispensary. James is a former Obama administration political adviser who was also designated one of Green Entrepreneur’s 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis in 2020. Flower, vapes, tinctures, edibles, extracts, and other products are all derived from the company’s own farm.

6. Ardent

Shanel A. Lindsay, Ardent’s founder and president, was named one of High Times’ 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis. She created NOVA, a home gadget that distributes decarbed marijuana to patients seeking a different way to ingest the drug. Infusion kits, molds, and other edible-making supplies are also available from the company. 

Herbn Essence is number seven on the list.

Herbn Essence, situated in Atlanta, sells cannabis-based goods that are not marijuana. While Georgia considers how to proceed with its growing legalization initiatives, the Black woman-owned business offers hemp and CBD flower and prerolls in a range of strains to provide clients with relaxing relaxation.

8. Cannabinoid Clinics in the United States

Dr. Jessica Knox, Dr. Janice Knox, and Dr. Rachel Knox, a family of cannabis medicine and endocannabinology specialists, own and run American Cannabinoid Clinics. ACC provides a more systematic approach to incorporating cannabis into daily life. The three doctors, as well as co-founder Dr. David Knox, have advised thousands of patients on how to utilize cannabis therapy to improve their health, well-being, and function. Patients may make virtual meeting appointments using their online system.

The 9th Floor

99th Floor provides dosed, crafted meals by professional cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad for the gourmet in your life. On the company’s social media accounts, dinner courses are methodically dosed, marketed, and sold. In the near future, the New York-based startup intends to market its own line of edibles via local dispensaries.

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is number ten.

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company, owned and maintained by two generations of the Hollingsworth family, addresses the environment as it provides clients with sustainably cultivated, processed, and packaged items. The firm, which is situated in Washington State, produces infused soaps, topical treatments, and even hand sanitizer. The enterprise is Washington’s sole Black-owned cannabis farm.

The Root of Inertia

Stuart McClean founded Inertia’s Root as a co-op for Black hemp farmers, selling flower, tinctures, and balms while also educating farmers on how to grow cannabinoid-rich hemp for goods. Inertia Root is a Nashville-based band.

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The “black-owned dispensaries los angeles” is a list of 11 cannabis companies that are owned by African Americans. The list includes names like The Healing Center, the Dream Center, and the Inner City Wellness Collective.

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