As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities for investors. These three beverage stocks are poised to ride the wave of marijuana legalization and consumption.

The biggest cbd beverage companies are the three cannabis beverage stocks that are expected to ride the weed wave.



As the debate over marijuana legalization heats up, cannabis beverage stocks are gaining traction. The House Judiciary Committee will vote on a historic piece of legislation to legalize marijuana on a federal level.

The House approved a $768 billion military budget bill this week, which contains an amendment shielding banks that provide services to state-legal cannabis companies from federal punishment.

Cannabis reform is more likely to pass now that Democrats control all three arms of government, resulting in a remarkable rise in the stock prices of major cannabis companies.

Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA:CNBS), AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA:YOLO), and Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA:THCX) have all achieved double-digit one-year gains in the last year.

It’s understandable that many cannabis businesses are doing so well, given the sector’s overall favorable trend. Companies who sell cannabis drinks, on the other hand, will have a distinct edge over their competitors since it is the most preferred CBD ingestion method.

The worldwide legal marijuana industry is projected to reach $70.6 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research. CBD beverages will account for a significant part of this massive industry. That’s why you should keep an eye on the following three businesses:

  • Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY)
  • NewAge (NASDAQ:NBEV)
  • HEXO Corporation is a company based in the United States (NASDAQ:HEXO)

Tilray is a cannabis beverage stock (TLRY)

Tilray finalized its merger with Aphria in May, making it one of the most significant cannabis mergers to date.

Tilray’s potential as a long-term alternative in the cannabis sector was questioned prior to the acquisition. Tilray 2.0, on the other hand, has a greater potential of long-term success in the Canadian cannabis industry and international expansion.

The most recent earnings report should give you hope. For the entire fiscal year 2021, net revenue was $513.1 million. During the same time period, net revenue increased by 27% to $513.1 million, up from $405.3 million in 2020.

For the fiscal fourth quarter ending May 31, net income was $33.6 million, a significant improvement from the year-ago period’s loss of $84.3 million.

According to Tilray management, despite the fact that the scenario is uncertain, there is a sense that Tilray will survive this crisis.

Let’s move on to the company’s cannabis-infused beverage division.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD), the world’s biggest beer brewer by volume and revenue, has a non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverage relationship with Tilray that predates the recent merger.

The joint venture offers a number of different goods.

Prior to the merger, Aphria acquired SweetWater Brewing, one of America’s largest craft brewers. Tilray’s offers will be expanded as a result, resulting in significant profit expansion.

Age of the New (NBEV)

NewAge is well known for its range of health beverages, but many people are shocked to learn that it also has a CBD beverage line.

The Colorado and Utah-based business leased the rights to select Marley ready-to-drink drinks in mid-2017. The product has done very well thus far, and the parties involved have decided to extend their license arrangement.

Apart from CBD-infused beverages, NewAge is known for its health-conscious beverages such as Bcha Live Kombucha, XingTea, Coco-Libre, TeMana, ‘NHANCED, and others.

NewAge had a difficult year last year. The effect of Covid-19 on North America, China, Latin America, and Europe hurt fundamentals. The company’s organic growth slowed, and its cash burn soared.

The ARIIX merger, on the other hand, was a plus. The merger gives NewAge a new product portfolio and a presence in Brazil’s market, which is one of the world’s most populated. The total income is anticipated to be in excess of $500 million.

In the end, if you decide to invest in this one, you must do it for the long haul. Although NewAge has a large worldwide presence and strong margin expansion potential, the company’s recovery from pandemic-related problems will take time.

This is shown by the most recent earnings report. The current quarter’s net sales was $124 million, up 98 percent over the previous quarter’s $63 million. Meanwhile, net income came in at $17.4 million, up $26.9 million from the previous year’s loss of $9.6 million.

These figures inspire optimism after a tumultuous year.

Stocks in the Cannabis Beverage Industry: HEXO Corp. (HEXO)

HEXO, a Canadian cannabis manufacturer, has been experiencing some difficulties recently. Because of supply chain problems and temporary shop closures, last year was a disaster, and anybody expecting for sales to rebound this year has been sorely disappointed so far.

Even though the world has a better grip on the virus, sales and profits have been disappointing quarter after quarter this year.

Because of its poor performance, HEXO has forced to rely on stock markets to fund its operations. It just received $140 million from a 47.46 million unit sale. Hexo’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange dropped by double digits as a result of the move.

Given the current state of things, it wouldn’t be surprising if the business decided to issue shares again this year to shore up its financial sheet.

The company’s adult-use beverage sector, on the other hand, is a bright light. Little Victory, House of Terpenes, Mollo, Veryvell, and XMG are among the five beverage brands operated by Truss CBD USA, a joint venture between HEXO and Molson Coors Beverage (NYSE:TAP).

The cbd stocks to watch is a cannabis-related stock that has been on the rise recently. These three companies are some of the best cannabis beverage stocks to buy at the moment.

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