Ohio’s Coshocton region is preparing for the legalization of medical marijuana. The area has seen a rapid increase in dispensaries popping up, but there are still many gaps to fill with local businesses and industry professionals.

The “ohio grown therapies” is a medical marijuana dispensary in Coshocton. 38 companies want to open up shop next door, which has the potential to create a lot of revenue for the city.

38 companies want Coshocton medical marijuana dispensary



If dispensary is granted, it will be located on Second Street at the old Family Video.

Almost 40 firms have applied for a license to operate a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Coshocton. The names and addresses of 1,462 applicants for 73 dispensary licenses to be issued in the coming months were recently provided by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

A total of 230 entities filed applications, with 16 of them submitting more than ten apiece. With 101 licenses sought for, a district including Coshocton, Muskingum, and Morgan counties came in sixth overall, with 38 in Coshocton. Each application cost $5,000. 

Currently, the district has one dispensary, with another on the way. The Ohio Cannabis Company, 23024 County Road 621, Suite 1, is the current dispensary. In November, it was revealed that OCC will be sold to Ascend Wellness Holdings, a Boston-based firm that had just bought a Monroe County grower and a Carroll County dispensary. 

Co-owner Brian Wingfield indicated at the time that the money will be used to seek for additional dispensary licenses in the future. 


“We reasoned that if we accept this one and apply for two more, we’ll be able to serve more people than we could with just one shop,” Wingfield previously said.

The address for each of the Coshocton businesses was 115 N. Second St. This was the site of the now-defunct Family Video. Cheap Tobacco and Little Caesar’s Pizza are both located at this area. 

There were 43 applications for closed Family Video outlets in Dayton, 32 in Springfield, 31 in Tiffin, and 27 in Delphos. In 20 or more applications, ten places were specified as the site.

Applications will be scrutinized to verify that they fulfill operational, security, and other regulatory standards. The licenses will be distributed by a lottery, with a certain number of licenses allotted to each dispensary area that includes a county or group of counties. From the first batch of applications filed in 2017, the board granted 58 licenses.

The most applications were filed by Citizen Real Estate LLC, doing business as Klutch Cannabis, with 73, followed by Nectar Markets of Ohio LLC with 38, and Hempnotize LLC with 37. For Coshocton, everything has been submitted. 

Hempnotize LLC, Audacious OH LLC, B Cubed Operations Ohio LLC, BSCC LLC, Buzzed Ventures LLC, C21 Ohio Inc., Cannavitz Ventures LLC, Citizen Real Estate LLC, Community Greenhouse Ohio LLC, Culture Retail Partners of Ohio Inc., Curaleaf OGT Inc., Curio Holdings OH LLC, Curio Holdings OH LLC, Elevated Growth OH LLC, Empowered Healing LLC, GF Ohio LLC,

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