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The following article was written by KPCB’s Chief Communications Officer, Jahan Marcu. He covers four of the many reasons why you should consider smoking weed on a date with your significant other, and how to do it so it doesn’t backfire on you.

These are just a few of the many ways that smoking marijuana before heading out for the evening may help you.

There are many excellent methods to make a date memorable. While some individuals want to go out to the bar and tie one on for a good night, others have other plans. With all of the recent shifts in attitudes about marijuana use, it’s not uncommon for individuals who are romantically engaged to smoke cannabis rather than drink alcohol. Is it a good suggestion? Without a doubt, and we’ll show you why!

Improves metabolism and appetite

Nothing is more annoying than having someone around for dinner who is too anxious or frightened to eat. Thankfully, a short dose from a dab pen or a joint may help individuals regain some appetite. That means you may start the date with a short smoke and be ready for a nice meal and dessert with each other by the time supper arrives!

How Not To Blow Your Diet When The Munchies Hit

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As we previously said, each kind of cannabis has a distinct impact on various people, so make sure your spouse has some marijuana experience if they want to become hungry without worrying about any negative side effects. Best of all, you may combine the two by obtaining some delectable delicacies, enabling you to satisfy your appetite while also improving your mood.

It makes you feel better.

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When individuals go on a date, the worst thing that happens is that they get anxious. It may detract from your otherwise appealing demeanor, turning you into a nervous mess rather than a self-assured individual. However, if you smoke a bowl before or during a date, you can be sure that your mood will improve dramatically.

Instead of concentrating exclusively on the bad elements of the love meeting and all the things that might go wrong, you’ll divert your attention to other areas of your mind. When contrasted to how you would behave alone, this may result in you being more open and outgoing. Just make sure you choose a strain that will help you relax rather than one that will make you overly hyper!

Boosts your creativity

Another advantage of cannabis usage is that it may boost your creativity significantly. On a night when you’re with someone, why would you desire that? When individuals come together and speak about their goals and dreams, a lot of connections are really cemented. When you’re preoccupied with your appearance or the sound of your voice, how can you connect with that aspect of yourself? It’s tough, but having cannabis on hand may help you get through it. You may increase your creativity and connect with the part of you that ponders life’s big questions. You’ll be able to discuss serious subjects, discover more about your spouse, and really test the depths of your relationship without having to go on numerous dates to get to know one other. It’s as if you’ve pressed the rewind button on your relationship!

It’s something you can do with a partner.


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Finally, if you haven’t noticed, you can smoke cannabis with a willing companion. While you may use it to prepare for a date on your own, it’s a good idea to include your date as well. That way, each of you may spend some time establishing a nice buzz and deciding how to proceed with the evening. You’ll notice that you’re hungry, chatty, calm, and enjoyable to be around!

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