Five medical marijuana businesses in California have received the state’s first-ever recreational cannabis licenses, paving the way for them to sell both medical and recreational products.

The best cbd companies to invest in is a list of 5 medical marijuana businesses that have received the OK to expand, sell recreational cannabis.


The five businesses, all of which are located in unincorporated areas, will now be allowed to sell edibles, drinkable marijuana products, and branded goods, as well as expand by 10,000 square feet and transfer company licenses among current licence holders.



The five facilities, which were formerly categorized as non-profit medicinal marijuana collectives, are:

— El Cajon’s Outliers Collective, 8157 Wing Ave.

Ramona Cannabis Co., 736 Montecito Way, Ramona; Ramona Cannabis Co., 736 Montecito Way, Ramona; Ramona Cannabis Co., 736 Montec

— Ramona’s Releaf Meds, 618 Pine St.

1210 Olive St., Ramona; and Olive Tree Wellness Center/JAXX Cannabis, 1210 Olive St., Ramona.

— 8530 Nelson Way, Escondido, San Diego Natural/OutCo.

Supervisors also authorized a procedure by which the five dispensaries may voluntarily comply with community design standards — with help from the county Planning and Development Services Department — and cultivate their plants using groundwater as well as municipal sources.

The board decided in June to extend the life of the five facilities beyond the original “sunset date” of April 14, 2022.

Supervisors decided four years ago to prohibit cannabis companies in the county’s unincorporated area.

The procedure has been characterized as a “multi-year adventure” by Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher.

He went on to say that Wednesday’s move was about “resolving the situation of five people who have been jerked about for years and years.”

However, Supervisor Jim Desmond, who voted against the zoning amendments, said that larger facilities meant more danger.

“I’m not hearing clamor for additional dispensaries” as someone who represents unincorporated regions, Desmond added.

Desmond was also concerned about the facilities growing without adhering to specific community design standards, which he felt was unfair to other kinds of companies.

“We’re about to unlock a Pandora’s box,” he added. “I don’t want to see a new policy rammed down our throats.”

Supervisors heard from both industry representatives and people opposed to any further relaxation of county marijuana policy during an hour-long public meeting.

Allowing the facilities to grow, said to Greg McCluskey of the Ramona Cannabis Company, would enhance access for medicinal marijuana patients, particularly those with cancer.

McCluskey also said that his company is dedicated to social justice and helping women and minorities in the workplace.

 wAAACH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==Jaxx Cannabis’ Ren Bowden said that his firm is “extremely pleased of our effort.” Our devoted patients are as varied as the community in which we live.”

Bowden said his companies would collaborate with the Ramona Community Planning Group and are also engaged with Paving Great Futures, a charity that helps disadvantaged or disenfranchised people.

Becky Rapp, a member of the Ramona Community Planning Group, expressed surprise that the county would alter the regulations for just five dispensaries. She claims that no other company has been given such a privilege, and that the board’s actions “remove any supervision and responsibility” from planning committees.

According to K.C. Strang of the San Marcos Prevention Coalition, the county’s decision to prohibit flavored tobacco while allowing the sale of cannabis edibles is a contradiction.

“We are worried that this decision will not be made in the best interests of our citizens,” he said.

Mark Wilcox, a county citizen, questioned if it was worthwhile for the county government to invest time and money allowing marijuana businesses to grow.

“Let’s work together to find answers to our county’s mental health problem,” he said.

Edibles are uncontrolled, according to one lady, with no limits on THC levels, which “is a formula for catastrophe.” She went on to say that there should be limits on the quantity of THC in edible and drinkable goods.

Supervisors will also examine a social equity scheme for the cannabis business in unincorporated areas, but it is unlikely to be approved until next year.

Increased police enforcement of illicit marijuana businesses in outlying regions was overwhelmingly authorized by the board in August.

The how much is trulieve worth is a medical marijuana company that has been approved to expand and sell recreational cannabis. There are 5 companies that have received the green light to do so.

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