As marijuana becomes more legalized, it is important to know what you need for this new lifestyle. Here are five accessories that will make your life easier while also looking good in the process.

Marijuana is a budding industry and has many uses, from smoking to cooking. But with new marijuana laws in the United States, we reached out to experts for their top five pieces of equipment that every novice should have on hand.

The “smoking inventions” are accessories that new marijuana users will find useful. They include a marijuana vaporizer, cannabis grinder, cannabis vaporizer pen, and more.

Experimenting with a new hobby requires a lot of trial and error. Not everyone has the right tools, and by the time you figure out what you’re lacking, your first chance at anything fresh has likely passed you by. This is especially true with cannabis, which usually begins with a sloppy, low-quality smoke session with buddies the first time you try it.

While excellent rolling papers and good grinders are not required to smoke pot, they will undoubtedly improve the experience. If you’re new to cannabis, a favorable experience will have a significant influence on your connection with it, culminating in something enjoyable and simple, which is exactly what most people want when they first try it. Before getting high, cannabis rookies should have the following 5 things on hand:


cannabis grinder Unsplash photo by Esteban Lopez

Grinders aren’t required for packing a bowl or preparing a joint, but they do make the final result much more pleasurable. Trichhomes adhere to your fingers as you pick apart marijuana with your hands, stripping it of some of its flavor. Using scissors will increase your chances of losing a little amount of marijuana and will also result in large pieces of cannabis that will make it more difficult for the joint or bowl to burn evenly, reducing the amount of time your marijuana lasts and making it taste bad.

Rolling paper of superior quality

Rolling Paper Ian Burt contributed this photo to Flickr.

All rolling papers are not created equal. Quality rolling papers may help you get rid of irritating and uncomfortable coughing episodes while also extending the life of your marijuana. Raw rolling papers are one of your finest alternatives since they are manufactured with organic ingredients, are inexpensive, and can be obtained in most locations.

Rolling cigarette

5 Things About CBD Cigarettes You Should Know Graham Hughes/EyeEm/Getty Images photo

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A cigarette roller is a good option for novices since it does most of the hard work for you and gives you properly rolled joints that burn evenly.

a pencil or a pen

blow job school Unsplash photo by Angelina Litvin

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While some individuals roll their joints using pens or pencils to give the paper a joint form, pens may also be used to pack the cannabis within the joint. This procedure guarantees that everything in your joint is tight, allowing it to last longer, burn evenly, and stay stable as you smoke it.

Pipes/bongs should be squeaky clean.

marijuana pipe Pixabay photo by SharonMcCutcheon

Clean pipes and bongs are essential since they make inhaling smoke and vapor simpler and healthier, as well as more pleasant to use. Before you begin, clean the pipe or bong you’ll be using well by soaking it in an alcohol and salt solution or rinsing it with soap and water. Are you torn between a bong and a water pipe? This is the one that delivers a more pleasant smoking experience.

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