We are proud to be the official sponsor of this event. This is a night for fans of all kinds to come together and celebrate their fandom. We hope to see you there.

The 501st OG is a collective of cannabis cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, and enthusiasts, who come together to support sickle pacer research, in honor of OG Kush’s creator. The name was developed to pay homage to the legendary strain, and to help the community understand that our goal is to support research. We aren’t out to sell you a product, or push cannabis as a medical treatment. We’re just a group of people who are looking for a way to help, and cannabis is a tool we have at our disposal. If you want to learn more about the history of OG Kush, you can check out the piece on Leafly. We’ve put in hundreds of hours of research of our own, and we’ve collected

The 501st OG is the Hush Collective’s (HUSH) official security and event handling unit; they’re the ones in the Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, and other themed costumes and masks that you often see at the Hush locations around the area. If you’ve ever wondered how you can join, here’s some information that will get you started.

The man is a Marvel man. I’ve never liked the DCU except for Batman, but who doesn’t love the Dark Knight of Gotham? There is a popular theory that part of Batman’s appeal is that he is a human being behind the mask, fancy gadgets and nipple suit. In theory you could be Batman, but in reality you’re not, because he’s a genius inventor, a hacker, a detective, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and a ninja. Do you have any idea how long ninja school takes? I asked, and it turns out it takes forever, at least seven seasons, before you can do any real missions. But you can be Spider-Man. No, you can’t get superpowers no matter how many Russian plutonium shavings you sprinkle in your tarantula cage (don’t ask), but Peter Parker taught us to be everyday heroes. With great power comes great responsibility – this phrase is true everywhere, and the message is as relevant and timely today as it was sixty years ago. Or protect a world that fears and hates us, Charles Xavier’s vision. This is Stan Lee’s legacy. He has engraved these aphorisms in our hearts and inspired us to become better people. Today we let our kids watch a meaningless, algorithm-driven mush on YouTube and wait for the next generation’s inevitable transition to total cannibalism. Sigh. Excelsior, Stan. We’ll miss them. So, now we can start the weekly review. word-image-9700-scaled Hush DC’s 501st OG: 202-600-9461 Today we look at the newest delivery option in the I71 gift scene: Hush DC. The gentleman was given a freshly cut batch of flowers from the 501st OG to sample. The 501st OG comes from renowned cannabis breeder Rare Dankness, it is a cross between the Skywalker OG and their Rare Dankness #1. For your information, 501 is the area code for Little Rock. Make of it what you will, but most important for discussion is the generous layer of trichomes presented when growing Hush DC, as well as the absolutely phenomenal nose, similar to Grape Kool-Aid cut with gasoline, and a rather sweet and delicious smoke. The light green buds are dense, compact, with a few brown hairs sticking out. A little dry, but overall impressive and very suitable for smoking. After burning the morning jay off a 501 Hush DC, I got to work. I made phone calls, made schedules, and cleaned up the little and big things that had piled up over the past few days. My brain won’t let me rest and chase the e-horse when I have something to do. So it’s nice to have lots of energy to work on the list rather than dragging myself through it, and also enough lighting to help me focus. Socially, he’s pretty decent. I could focus on what the other person was saying, which was good, and my playfulness allowed me to use my charm and charisma (I practiced), but I was a little slow, and once or twice I might have let it slip. Too much energy to sleep, and probably best with a cup of coffee during the day, I found the 501st OG from Hush DC to be a fantastic hybrid. We can definitely make room in the medicine cabinet for these flowers. word-image-9701-scaled Hush DC Dream Queen Hush DC’s Dream Queen’s flowers were even more beautiful, with bright orange hair that glowed like autumn trees. The smell of the Dream Queen was duller than our first entry, but it’s still a sweet, light smoke and a more relaxing strain than a 501 if you just want to chill and pull a few O’Driscolls. The Gentleman can recommend you try the gifts from our discreet friends at Hush DC. Call 202-600-9461 to schedule an appointment today!Washington DC’s “Hush” is a small, intimate collective that’s been in the District since early 2005. Named for the DC’s open-minded attitude, Hush’s 2nd floor Greenhouse Lounge is known for its modern, no-frills interior – stripped down to the essentials, with an emphasis on clean lines and consistency. With a heavy focus on community, Hush also boasts an active online presence and hosts events like their year-end party, C4P, with nearby clubs including U Street Music Hall and Black Cat.. Read more about 501st og seeds and let us know what you think.

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