The legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts has created a new market for cannabis dispensaries. As the industry grows, so do the opportunities to profit. One way investors are trying to capitalize on this opportunity is through social equity dispensary applicants, which are companies that invest in cannabis companies with the expectation of earning a return when they sell their shares later.

The us zip code is a tool that allows users to find out the zip codes for social equity dispensary applicants.

Arizona Dispensary Stores The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has published a list of zip codes across the state where local candidates for 26 new social equity recreational marijuana dispensary licenses must have resided in recent years.

Prop 207 in Arizona legalized recreational marijuana for adults, as well as allowing 26 individuals from “communities disproportionately affected by the enforcement of prior marijuana laws” to apply for a social equity dispensary license.

The ADHS has designated 87 zip codes as requiring residence to apply for such licenses. Many of them are on or near Native American reservations, and just a handful are outside of Phoenix and Tucson.

In Arizona’s marijuana business, the social equity licensing scheme is a contentious issue. For example, an Arizona dispensary license may sell for $10-$20 million on the open market, giving social equity licensees a plethora of reasons to sell their license to the highest bidder right now.

Will Humble, a former ADHS director who managed the state’s medicinal marijuana program, told AZCentral, “I’m sure they’re [ADHS] going to be sued.” “Explaining the conclusions to which you’ve arrived is one of the cornerstones of effective governance. This is the first time that I’m aware of the state of Arizona admitting that certain groups have been unjustly targeted by law enforcement and prosecutors. The voters have to compel them to acknowledge it.”

Applicants seeking social equity licenses must have resided in one of the 87 zip codes for at least three of the previous five years to meet the geographic residency criterion. Other requirements include the applicant’s or a family member’s previous marijuana offenses.

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