At Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary, we have a variety of marijuana strains for your “smoking” pleasure. We offer a wide selection of pre-rolled joints, Feminized seeds, and Indica and Sativa buds. Our prices are fair and our friendly staff is always up for a good time.

Being a medical marijuana dispensary means all the right things. The people who work there are people who want to help others, and we know that the best way to do that is through the medical use of marijuana. Our dispensary is something that we do for ourselves, but it also provides us with an opportunity to help others.

For my first review of a dispensary in Maryland, your husband chose Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary, a store that made national headlines this week after it banned a number of patients. According to the Post article, these patients were punished for their comments on social media, although one of them was also involved in a heated email exchange with the facility’s owner. Sajal Roy’s quotes in the WaPo…. uh… not flattering, as is the claim that health care prices in Maryland are equal to those in Colorado. I could refute this absurd idea in an instant, but I went in with an open mind to judge the pharmacy on its merits alone. word-image-10210 Hot gossip! The seller explained that the item was posted a month after all the drama. Two of the patients who recovered after their comments were removed had already settled their account with Roy (ba-dum-ching), and a third disruptive patient was also allowed to return. He also revealed that two other people were excluded, not because of comments on Facebook, but because one man lost his temper over a lack of supplies (paraphrase) and another knocked on the windows of his patients’ cars in the parking lot to tell them they could find better prices further down the road. So no one is currently banned from the store for doing business with them online, and it sounded to me like management regretted the way it all went down. When choosing a pharmacy, there are many things to consider, so let’s list them: PRICE: The prices at Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary were in line with what I saw at most other stores in Maryland. For 3 types of flowers, eighths were $60 and quarters were $115. You can buy more if they have it in stock, but then you pay a quarter rate (so a half ounce costs $230 and a full ounce $460). If that’s the weight you want, there are cheaper options (the lowest I’ve found is Pink Unicorn for $224 an ounce at Harvest of Rockville; CuraLeaf in Reisterstown is $280 an ounce). They had a $45 per eight variety, but they ran out. Half a gram of concentrate costs $80, vape cartridges cost $75-80 (500mg). Both prices are in line with other stores – the lowest price I found was for Temescal Home Wax, which is currently on sale for $50 for 5 grams. Topicals, tinctures and syringes are comparable to standard prices. QUALITY: This is especially true for growers/extractors, but also for dispensary reviews, as I’ve seen people post pictures of cones full of seeds or claim they only received ground/popcorn cones after visiting a medicinal dispensary in Maryland. Here’s a picture of the Curio Northern Lights eight I bought. Two thick buds that I took apart without finding seeds. This will be discussed separately. FYI, their homemade prerolls (if available) are made of shake. It’s a matter of preference – you get a higher THC content as the trichomes fall to the bottom of the bag, but the ground flowers taste better. word-image-10211 SELECTION: The selection of flowers at Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary is limited – when I stopped by today, they had three varieties, and when I called back a minute ago, they still had two left. Looks like they are waiting for the next batch this weekend. I was told that they usually have 7-8 varieties in stock, and that they constantly update the menu on WeedMaps, but it’s best to call and ask if you’re going for something specific. The single grams and pre-rolls were completely missing. You can find a much better selection at other dispensaries, especially those from manufacturers/extractors (Harvest, CuraLeaf, Liberty, Curio, Temescal), but the lack of selection is not uncommon at other dispensaries in Maryland. AAMD had pots that smelled like their cones, and – this is very important, my friends – they filled them so full you could actually smell them! So it often happens that a single piece is two inches in front of me and I can barely grab it. The selection of concentrates included an average of 4 strains. Their selection of vape cartridges was quite large – 14 options, including the Rythm Lemonhead OG, which I recently fell in love with. 6 top/patch options, 6 tinctures (technically two flavored versions), 3 oil sprays, and Curaleaf 100mg tablets. It’s not that bad. More gossip! They told me Curio was saving all Dixie Elixir products for their new dispensary. Other pharmacies may still have some in stock, but no date has been announced for restocking. STAFF : The salesman was great, and not just because this guy didn’t understand what this gentleman was giving all that juicy information. My Badtender AAMD was sincere, kind and patient. They could answer all my questions about the manufacturer or extractor that made the products I was interested in. When I asked for a specific terpene in my concentrate, they were able to find the option with the highest concentration of pinene right away (AFS’ Tangie Shatter – a review of this wonderful terpene will be available soon). word-image-10212 The rest of the staff seemed a little tense. It’s understandable given all the media attention this week and the workings of the cannabis industry in general. The manager was also helpful. It was the first pharmacy in Maryland to ask me for a written certificate and I couldn’t just look it up. I was ready to report Allegany for this, but she offered to log into my account and print the necessary document for me. She went one step further and printed a copy for me in case I needed it in the future. That’s it! SIMPLE: Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary is located in Cumberland, which can be reached through the beautiful mountains. If you can make the trip once, you can arrange future deliveries. word-image-10213 There is a large car park next to the shop and a disabled parking space right in front of the entrance. The preliminary paperwork is a bit much. Compared to other pharmacies I’ve been to, there was at least one extra page, but they didn’t make me talk to a salaried doctor or anything. I’ve heard that happens. The lobby is large, invites conversation with other patients, and the chairs are comfortable. They accept debit card payments through CanPay, which will become the standard for legal electronic marijuana transactions in the states. I hadn’t noticed if they had an ATM on site, I will be sure to update that information. IN GENERAL: While the media storm doesn’t look good at all, my experience visiting the Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary was enjoyable. The prices were as expected and the vape cart menu was impressive. The flower menu was limited during my visit, but you should expect more variety. He has no hesitation in recommending this business to locals or patients coming to Rocky Gap – the views are truly spectacular and the traffic is easy. But don’t forget to print out your written certificate before you go, and of course don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the National Cannabis Festival with Cypress Hill on 4/21!

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