The US government is considering legalizing marijuana, but Amazon has urged them to do it sooner rather than later. They fear that the industry could be too heavily regulated and stifled by regulations, which would hurt their business.

The federal legalization bill 2021 is an article about the current status of marijuana in the United States. It discusses the pros and cons of legalizing cannabis, and urges federal lawmakers to legalize marijuana.



Amazon has loosened its marijuana screening policy even further in order to show its support for federal legislation that would legalize drugs.

Amazon HR chief Beth Galetti said in a blog post on Tuesday that he had “regained job status” for former workers and applicants who had been fired or postponed due to random or pre-employment marijuana screening. “Pre-employment marijuana testing has disproportionately harmed people of color by stifling employment and, as a result, economic development. This inequitable treatment is unacceptable to us.” Mr. Galetti explained.

Amazon initially stated in June that it will not conduct drug tests on certain employees. Only individuals who apply for occupations authorized by the Ministry of Transportation, such as truck drivers and heavy equipment operators, are chosen by Amazon for drug jobs.

Following the event, Amazon announced it will conduct impairment checks at work and test for drugs and alcohol.

According to Galetti, the business lowered marijuana regulations after realizing that marijuana has been legalized in certain places in the United States. In the increasingly difficult labor market, we also recognized that doing so might help attract more job searchers.

“Because of Amazon’s rapid expansion, we’re constantly looking for excellent new team members, and we’ve discovered that removing cannabis pre-employment testing helps broaden our candidate pool.” Garetti said.

Amazon, which has been recruiting since the outbreak, has dangled a plethora of enticements in front of potential employees, including recruitment bonuses and free college tuition. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is pushing a network of contracted delivery firms to publicly promote that they would not test for marijuana usage as part of its recruitment efforts.

Amazon is also pushing for marijuana to be legalized at the federal level. In June, the firm said that it will support marijuana opportunity reinvestment and elimination legislation aimed at prohibiting cannabis from being sold on the federal level, erasing criminal records, and investing in impacted areas.

Mr Galetti said on Tuesday that Amazon just passed a law comparable to the Cannabis Control and Opportunity Act. Amazon, in a letter to legislators about this month’s bill, said the federal government should eliminate nonviolent marijuana offenses, punish those who commit them in federal prisons, and make the state equivalent. I demanded that something be done.

The federal legalization bill 2021 status is an article that discusses the current status of the federal legalization bill. It asks the government to legalize marijuana in order to decrease crime rates and raise tax revenue.

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