The cannabis industry is in the midst of a cultural shift for both consumers and businesses. With more states legalizing marijuana, fashion designers are starting to look at how they can take advantage of this new market. Arizona’s first cannabis inspired fashion show will be held on September 17th in Scottsdale, AZ with an exclusive design collection from Marley Natural that features jewelry designed by renowned jeweler London Jewelers LTD., custom-made floral arrangements created by The Flower Company LLC, plus much more.

The “top strains in arizona 2021” is Arizona’s first cannabis inspired fashion show. The event will take place on September 4th at the Scottsdale Fashion Square.


The Queen of the Nile Runway event, Arizona’s first cannabis-inspired fashion show, will be hosted by Marvina Thomas, creator and CEO of cannabis company Fourtwenty Collections, and will feature New York fashion designer Korto Momolu.

The debut of Thomas’ new cannabis-themed fashion collection for ladies is the fashion forward event. The event, which will include a catwalk, will take place at FABRIC, 132 E. 6th Street in Tempe, on Saturday, September 11th from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. At her first season of New York Fashion Week, Momolu was named one of the “Top 5 Designers to Watch,” and she has participated on a number of television programs, including two seasons of Project Runway AllStars.

“A brand mainstay for Fourtwenty Collections has been creating creative, women-empowering events in the cannabis space,” Thomas added. “With our aim of helping women feel strong and attractive in their own skin, collaborating with Korto and her design skills is the next step in our quest to become the most well-rounded and inclusive cannabis brand,” says the company.

The event will include a variety of professional models from the local community of all ages and body kinds, with an Egyptian goddesses and strong leaders theme. The outfits, which will be available for purchase with Thomas at her new Fourtwenty Collections fashion brand, will be a tease to New York Fashion Week in 2022 and will be dressed and created by Momolu.

“This partnership is a mainstay of women’s empowerment, encouraging top quality in the ways we care for ourselves… aesthetically via fashion, internally through medicine, and outwardly through our entire routines,” Momolu said.

The fashion show is a VIP event with a limited number of seats available. Tickets start at $40 per person and may be purchased via Each participant will get a goodie bag including items from the Fourtwenty Collection, skincare, delicacies, and more. Hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and no-host cocktails will be served to guests.

There will be coordinated dance and entertainment during the occasion. All visitors will be able to join a raffle to win a private consultation with Momolu, and VIP guests will have access to a private meet & greet with Momolu.

A part of the profits from the event will benefit Start Living Recovery, a group home and non-profit that helps homeless men and women detox from dangerous drugs like alcohol and opioids, with the goal of eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness.

Purchase tickets for the event.

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