Local’d started out as a blog to document my experiences around legalization and medical marijuana in Colorado. I’ve had to change the name of the blog a few times as I was forced to re-locate. I’m now located in Colorado Springs where I still write about local issues, but I am no longer blogging for medical marijuana.

Blue Knight (Local’d) | is a blog about all things cannabis related in Northern CA. From current news/politics to discussions on different strains, and everything in-between.

Many people live in fear of cannabis, but they are not aware of the facts. Cannabis can be taken in many forms, and it can have a variety of effects. If we want to know how to take cannabis and have it have its effects, then we need to know what the effects are.

Local’d is one of I71’s oldest and most innovative delivery brands in Washington. For the first time, the gentleman had his beautiful face in the… Sweet baby Damian’s canines, March 17. Add the obligatory Murtaugh quote. The best thing about Local’d is that they use Initiative 71 to develop, fund and promote the products of their local food and drink startup partners. For example, you get a pack of nutritious energy balls from Berg Bites or a handmade, non-GMO frozen pizza from EAT delivered, and you have food in your belly to enjoy the marijuana you’ve been given. No! It’s no surprise then that this scheme has proved popular – Local’d recently celebrated raising over $300,000 for its partner brands. Tuite! *I’m so glad Brooklyn 99 was saved by NBC. Wait, all this talk about food is confusing me. Have you ever wondered why I rarely talk about food? The ability of cannabis to stimulate appetite is one of the reasons why our favorite plant has proven therapeutic for many patients suffering from eating disorders or during chemotherapy. That’s why some foodies love it. Combined with the stimulant effects of marijuana, normal food becomes the dark side of the moon in your mouth, or whatever. But that’s not what I need, so I eat first, which also prolongs the effect, and make the most of the medication. If I don’t eat first, hunger attacks me with the speed and ferocity of four hippos, and satisfying this unpleasant biological urge quickly leads to collapse. Another full dose in a short period of time might exceed my tolerance, which would require me to take a short nap to get back on track, so I try to avoid that situation completely. Candy balances blood sugar spikes better than caffeine, which is really all that’s needed, but stuffing yourself with Wendy’s Frosty’s bars to stay awake can lead to a Snorlax-like metamorphosis and is therefore an undesirable (but delicious!) long-term strategy. word-image-18909-scaled But some strains – Indica and Sativa – don’t lend themselves to my carefully crafted rules, their potency inevitably shows. This is the case with my latest Local’d monster, Blue Knight. Once again, we have absolutely stunning fresh flowers in front of us – a collection of small, dense, light green nuggets, covered in purple and orange flecks and glistening with trichomes. Blue Knight has a wonderful aroma that is especially spicy, warm and slightly woody. The grinding is wonderfully fine and even and the smoke is aromatic and exceptionally smooth. Ten points for Hufflepuff! word-image-18910-scaled If I limit my Blue Knight intake to 1.5-2 cups, I can drink it throughout the day and be reasonably productive, but I feel heavy, both mentally and physically. If I exceed this dose within two hours, I have to lie down. It provides powerful relief from anxiety that greatly improves my temperament. Sometimes cannabis gives me such a euphoric charge that I don’t care about the troubling thoughts that arise, and they quickly fade into the darkness from which they came. A Local Blue Knight strikes from the other side, endangering the inhabitants of my psychic Arkham. Being mentally calm naturally improves my mood and helps me focus on the tasks at hand. The blue knight is a bit of an exaggeration, however, because high-level thinking – the ability to think coherently about a subject and come to a well-reasoned conclusion – is a difficult task. For this reason, I would say that Blue Knight is more suited for an evening where you can relax and drift off to sleep. word-image-18911-scaled Yum! The last sample from Local is a delicious smoke and gets the highest rating from your lordship. And you can choose from a host of popular food and drink partners, which will make your guacomole-loving friends green with envy! Award-winning Chocotenango chocolate, Gouter alkaline water (oooh, I love nice water), 8 Myles frozen buffalo macaroni, Snacklins pork-free chips, Saysa Foods Indian chips and dips, Bjorne Bakes and more – all available for immediate delivery, baby! Here’s their website – use my code GT15 for 15% off (can be used multiple times, awesome!) Well, I’m off – I’m heading back to Denver this week, so expect pictures of my favorite goodies along the way.

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Blue Knight (Local’d) |  A local dispensary that is 100% the best.. Read more about blue knight strain flowering time and let us know what you think.

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