I have had the privilege of being able to personally experience the benefits of cannabis for a long time. I have grown up in a time where cannabis has been illegal for the majority of my life. I have been able to remember many days where I would have to hide my mother’s cannabis from the police, and I had been to many different times where I have been interrogated and questioned by authorities for cannabis. Yet, there have been many benefits to my life as well as many other lives that have been positively impacted by cannabis.

I’m fairly new to cannabis and I’ve been smoking since I was 16, but I’m new to the terp sugar scene. I’ve tried a few different strains and I’ve seen that the terp sugar has its advantages. I’m not sure if it’s the terp sugar or the fact that I’m smoking so much, but I’ve noticed that I’m getting more focused, I’m less tired and I’m able to do more. I guess the more I smoke, the more that I’ll feel the benefits.

Bodhi High Vortex Terp Sugar is a Sativa/Indica hybrid with a sweet and refreshing smell, and tastes like candy. It has an uplifting and motivational effect, making it ideal for use during the day, and is best used for a quick pick-me-up. Bodhi High Vortex Terp Sugar is generally used as a daytime or afternoon strain, and is renowned for its great effects when used in social activities.. Read more about bodhi high review and let us know what you think. Follow me, my friends, into the whirlwind of Bodhi High for the latest review from another Washington. You know, the big one, the one at Canada, the real state where your vote really counts? Well, let’s not get carried away, after all it’s the ruthless and changeable reptiloids that hold the fate of this planet in their ancient and cold clutches that decide everything, but you know what I mean. When it comes to your vote, DC, you could have weed shops, and you could have Bodhi High, one of my favorite brands, but instead you have to go to Seattle to visit Herban Legends if you want to find some of that excellent sour sugar (or any of their many other vendors. Jealous?). word-image-10886 Unless you have a better way of getting here? Whirlpool. Not the Ultra Vortices OG or the Martian Vortex Cookies. We’re talking about cannabis here, not playing Magic The Gathering with your LARP group. A refreshingly simple title, but what does the Bard think is in it? Let’s talk about a source for the true connoisseurs of Chronometry, such as your Lordships. It’s called Seedfinder. No, it’s not like Leafly, don’t embarrass yourself. Leafly was founded to serve the unregulated medical market in California, and although they’ve come a long way, their research versions have already exceeded their usefulness. Leafly has certainly proven that people around the world are hungry for cannabis knowledge! For today’s commercial adult market, the additional menu functionality Weedmaps provides is more useful, but we digress. Go to DE.SEEDFINDER.EU. word-image-4213 data, baby. Come here. The look and feel is outdated, but there is an active and thriving community and, most importantly, the information is standardized. Yes, S- T- A- N- D- A- R- D- I- Z- E- D! !! Oooh, I can’t wait to rant about standardization in the cannabis industry, but today I want you to know: Legalization means publicity, and publicity means standards – for everything. When it comes to cannabis strains, Seedfinder has standardization and Leafly does not. Leafly, of course, looks much nicer, but discerning consumers will immediately flock to the wealth of information available on Seedfinder. Before you go on the attack with a weapon in your hand, pay attention to the most basic characteristic: pedigree. In an ideal world, this would be the first tool in every toilet attendant’s pocket, but damn, guys, some people don’t have tools at all. word-image-4214 According to the description on the Seedfinder website, Vortex is the offspring of the popular parent plants Space Queen and Apollo 13. Space Queen is a regular treat, but Apollo 13 hasn’t activated my endocannabinoid receptors since I met the man from Hollywood. If someone I knew was an alien agent subverting Illumanti… by selling people secret NASA stash in 420…….. Come to think of it, I never knew what was in the suitcase. I think I saw Apollo 13 on the menu at Uncle Ike’s, but I don’t want to be sold a bag of something that looks more like one of Buzz Aldrin’s obsolete moonbottom monsters than something I want to smoke. Let me repeat something very important. The lack of federal standards for the cannabis industry means that, as a consumer, you have to check the authenticity of your purchases yourself. While some varieties are easier to identify by the shape of the flower, concentrates are much harder to identify. The only way to fully experience a particular variety is to break off a piece and roll it! word-image-4215 In our case, Bodhi High provided us with a terpene profile to identify the product. Compare that to the information available on Seedfinder, and you’ll get the most concentrated packaged in 2017 if you don’t test it yourself. Talk about experiencing it yourself: Their spicy vortex sugar is well worth the $40 price tag each. It has a peppery, woody aroma and the spiciness adds flavor to the thick clouds my vaporizer produces. The effects are an intense mix of cerebral and sensory stimulation, offering moments of inspiration as well as bouts of confusion. If you’re in downtown Seattle, I recommend stopping by Herban Legends to check out their selection – and take Bodhi High with you when you see it! You can thank me later.There are three main types of cannabis: Sativa and Indica for daytime use, and Ruderalis for evening and night time use. Most people (like myself) prefer Sativa for day time use and Indica for evening and night time use. However, many of the best strains of cannabis available today are hybrids of these three strains.. Read more about bodhi body care and let us know what you think.

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