California is a hub for the production of cannabis in the United States. That’s because the state has a relatively relaxed hemp program that allows farmers to grow industrial hemp without a license. The state also has a large Mexican population, which makes it easier for farmers in Mexico to cross the border and grow cannabis on their side of the border.

Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación, or SEDENA) has warned that Americans crossing into Mexico to buy marijuana are also often carrying money that can be used to purchase other drugs, such as methamphetamine. The SEDENA statement came as a surprise as it is common knowledge that one of the reasons why Americans cross into Mexico to buy drugs is to bypass certain U.S. states that have legalized some form of marijuana.



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This is an intriguing change. Instead of the other way around, the most sought-after marijuana crossing the US-Mexico border comes from California’s green fields and is marketed in Mexico.

California-imported marijuana, rather of weed from conventional sources like the Sinaloa cartel or newly independent “ethical farmers,” dominating a growing boutique market in Mexico City, according to a Washington Post source who claims to be a cannabis dealer in Mexico City. 

The WAPO source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for obvious reasons, added, “The demand here for American marijuana has skyrocketed.” “It’s a goal for a lot of my clients. They want to be seen smoking the finest weed, the kind that rappers boast about.”

There will be no more marijuana smuggling over the US border.

Gone are the days when Mexican marijuana smugglers used the world’s biggest slingshots to launch bushels of cannabis over the border, or when they placed vacuum-packed bricks inside fruit shipments to sneak through one of the world’s longest (1,954 miles) and most frequently crossed land borders.

Josh Bubeckowner of the Urbn Leaf cannabis shop, just a few hundred yards from the bustling Tijuana border, believes that 55 percent of his clients are Mexican citizens, according to WAPO.

Nobody grows it better than the Californians.

“It’s unlikely that anybody will ever produce cannabis better than California,” Bubeck added.

He pointed out that the attraction is obvious in Mexico, particularly among younger smokers: “You’re saying ‘This is what I’m about.’ I’m a terrible jerk. This is something I brought back from America.’

For years, proponents of legalization in Mexico claimed that the nation could quickly create a massively lucrative cannabis sector, but legalization in portions of the United States – most notably California – arrived quicker than in its southern neighbor.

Mexico’s supreme court struck down laws criminalizing personal cannabis cultivation in July, but has yet to approve legislation allowing for the establishment of a commercial marijuana market, making it illegal to buy or sell cannabis and making it impossible to regulate the quality of Mexican cannabis products available on the black market, according to WAPO.

Meanwhile, Mexico continues to struggle with establishing a legal framework for a plant that grows like a weed across the nation.

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