As of January 1, 2017, more states are allowing people to smoke or consume edibles in a public place. For example, Ohio now allows consumption in public places, which includes restaurants, bars, and hotels, and the state is also setting up a legal version of the “420” club. Meanwhile, 12 states and D.C. have legalized marijuana outright. And if you’re wondering when , the answer is 2020.

Marijuana is not the only thing that is getting legalized lately. Recreational cannabis is now legally available in 5 states, and medical cannabis in 29 states. Soon there will be more places where you can legally consume cannabis than you can count. While this is great news for current and future patients, there is a downside: there is great risk involved in consuming cannabis in public. You could easily be robbed or be the victim of a crime.

This week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that could greatly expand the legal rights of medical marijuana patients.  In the 1970s, the federal government began shifting its enforcement approach away from cannabis to other drugs.  The move was part of a larger campaign to counteract the overwhelming political power of the American drug user population.  The country’s new policy was based on the idea that drug users are inherently criminals, and that punitive measures are the only way to stop their illegal activity.

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in a cannabis smoking lounge with friends? Not in the social environment of your living room, kitchen, bedroom or garden, but in a place outside your home. Alcohol is legal and there are bars and clubs where people can go to drink until they can’t take it anymore. However, this is not the case with legal cannabis. Or is it? You may not find clubs with energetic dance music in cannabis-related social establishments, but cannabis lounges do exist. Not only do they exist, but they’re pretty cool.

A cannabis lounge creates an atmosphere where people can come together and consume cannabis together. This gives them a safe environment to interact with their friends. It also provides people with a place to make friends, a place to take medicine, and a place to learn how to take medicine. Because who wouldn’t want to go to a place where everyone knows their name and is always happy to be there? Cannabis smoking can vary slightly from location to location.

Some places have cannabis lounges that are a little secret. They called them private clubs. They require memberships and have locked doors that you must know the codes for or have the keys to access. They are not accessible to the general public. You have to know someone to get in. There are also cannabis waiting rooms in locations accessible to medical patients. Those with a medical cannabis card can show it in the lounge and take their medicine and relax in the lounge.

Personal experience

I went to a cannabis lounge in Colorado a few years ago, and it was really great. They served beer, and it was really like being in a bar. The only difference is that you don’t have to sneak out to the backyard to smoke a joint or a bowl, you can light a fire inside. They had a special section for cannabis concentrates, but you could smoke almost anywhere. There were pool tables, a jukebox, and nice people serving refreshments and snacks. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and smiles.

With cannabis being legal in so many places, you would think that cannabis waiting rooms would also be legal in so many places, but that is not the case. Don’t feel bad for thinking that way, I agree with you. I didn’t understand that alcohol is legal and that you can find a bar in any part of the country to get drunk, but that only seven states in the U.S. have the proper legislation to allow these establishments. These states are as follows: New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, New Jersey and Nevada.

Cannabis waiting rooms vary by site

Each location has different rules, for example cannabis lounges may only be opened by licensed medical dispensaries, or they may allow cannabis but not serve alcohol, or it may only be a recreational space where you have to bring your own bag. In New York, there are cannabis lounges that don’t serve alcohol but offer a club-like atmosphere. In Pennsylvania, you will be accepted if you bring your own bag of weed to a location and show a valid medical cannabis card. In Illinois, you can consume cannabis in the waiting room and buy smokes. California and Colorado offer locations with BYOB catering, and Nevada is moving toward locations that also sell cannabis products.

The more support there is for cannabis legalization at the federal level from companies like Amazon, the more likely it is that the American people will push for MORE legislation as soon as possible. Cannabis lounges should be treated no differently than bars or clubs. Wait, I take that back. Cannabis lounges should be treated differently, as they are a drug and alcohol free place where people come to work on their personal risk reduction.  Cannabis waiting rooms should be considered of higher value. They do not contribute to alcohol consumption, which is one of the main causes of domestic violence. What cannabis use really encourages is social interaction, wellness and snacking. It also provides a legal place for traveling cannabis users to consume, which is not the case in many states.

Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur and activist fighting for the abolition of drug prohibition around the world, for a better future for all. Ashley is passionate about sharing knowledge about the divine plant that is cannabis. She believes that one seed can make all the difference and that together, through education, we can end the stigma that prevents cannabis from reaching its full potential worldwide.The opening of a cannabis lounge is a cause for celebration in the United States, and for good reason—it signals a trend towards acceptance and a relaxing of the laws surrounding cannabis. While the opening of a lounge is a positive thing, it doesn’t guarantee that the laws will change for the better—Cannabis lounges have already been shut down by state and local governments in a number of states.. Read more about the luna lounge chicago and let us know what you think.

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