Cannabis Maximus from Ballpark | is a research lab and Marijuana seed bank based in Canada. We sell rare, high-quality marijuana seeds and offer a unique variety of strains such as Purple Power, White Rhino, Cherry Rhino, Super Lemon Haze and others.

Since the early 2000’s, a new strain that was known as the “delicious” sativa hybrid was produced by a team of breeders at the University of Mississippi. This strain of cannabis was a little different from other types in that it was less of a sativa and more of a hybrid. This new strain was originally named “Mississippi Hybrid”, and it was not until the mid-2000’s that the strain’s name was changed to “Ballpark#”. The strain was then given the name “Ballpark#” after its originator, Dr. Matthew Johnson, who was a professor at the University of Mississippi at the time the strain was created. For the next ten years

Cannabis Maximus is your expert on all things marijuana, medical and recreational. We’re your source for top shelf bud, edibles, extracts, and anything else cannabis, because we can’t wait to talk about it!. Read more about maximus cbd and let us know what you think.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary offers recreational cannabis just a few blocks from Mile High Stadium, but when the gentleman walked by and signaled that he was ready, the live Cannabis Maximus resin I picked up there felt like a big, dangling curve that I wanted to slam into the bleachers. At $80 a gram and smelling like ammonia, this is the worst product I have found in the city of Denver. I really regret not sniffing their terpene-rich extract first, but such is life, right? NO! I’m gonna scream about this on the Internet, baby! So, first of all, Comey. What? I don’t work on a 24-hour news cycle, amigo. Just because something happened more than a week ago and new things have happened since, doesn’t mean we should forget what just happened! It’s an old Jedi trick, my blue-skinned, golden-necked Padawan. By the way, this guy is my new hero. I can’t believe he explicitly called the sitting president an untrustworthy, lying sack of shit (paraphrasing, of course) in front of Congress. I want that guy’s autograph. Bullshit! And I’m tired of Paul Ryan defending Trump and saying: This is new to him. Dude. As we learned in the last episode of Seinfeld, ignorance is no excuse. And this big bad hamster is the president! AT THIS POINT, BROTHER, DON’T LET IT GO. I could go on – you know I could – but let’s take stock now, shall we? So, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary. The lobby is nice and bright, and although I arrived just behind a group of four people, I was given immediate access to the inside area after a friendly girl checked my ID. I then had to wait about 10 minutes for the next handyman, and although they were thoughtful enough to put a couch in the room for their guests, it was awkwardly placed at the beginning of the line. So, to get in, you either have to stand outside the line (I didn’t get a number), or only enter when called. They need to reconsider that. The interior is very industrial, with red cabinets and trays of cannabis products in coolers behind the counters, but given the name and location I would have thought they would focus more on sports, with memorabilia on the walls and a cardboard cutout of Andres Gallaraga smoking smoke, or something. Missed opportunity. The light in the back room is very dim, so it’s hard to see the tops. In general, I had the same opinion of their colors as most people in Denver, but I did find some nice smelling blackjack, a little pine as it should be, which I picked up for a reasonable $15 a gram. word-image-7584 They didn’t have a huge selection, but they had a good price range for concentrates and I hadn’t had my fill yet. When my nice toilet lady showed me her high-quality, high-potency, full-spectrum extract (living resin) of Cannabis Maximus, I chuckled with delight and handed it to her. Ghost Train Haze has been on my list of strains to try for a while now, and I was very excited to give it a try. When I opened the glass jar with the stopper inside, I expected to see heaven, the jewel of my purchase. I had my reasons, because at $80 a gram, it was the most expensive thing I ever bought. And it was Denver! If I’m spending $80 for a gram of concentrate, that should be great, right? word-image-7585 Um… Believe it or not, the pitcher in this photo is half full. The Cannabis Maximus resin live was very bland. It was half sauce and half sugar. I’d be happy with any of them, but the lack of consistency is a downside. Then I snorted, and then I got angry. His Ghost Train Haze positively smelled of ammonia. Ok, there was a slight citrus note, I found a concentrate that smells worse than ammonia, which I will tell you about soon. If the Cannabis Maximus product was $40, I wouldn’t be so upset. It still wouldn’t be good, but I can’t believe Ballpark Dispensary is charging $80 a gram for this junk. I couldn’t believe I wasted money on it, so I smoked most of it in a way I wouldn’t recommend you do. If it smells bad, don’t smoke it! Your nose knows. But I’m a guinea pig, apparently, and I didn’t want to write a review without having tried it. Medically, it definitely improved my mood and gave me a mental boost, but it did little against anxiety – pretty much what I expected from a plant that leans heavily on sativa. I felt like I couldn’t concentrate, but I can’t tell if that was because of the strain or the poorly grown flowers it was squeezed from. Even at $40/gram I wouldn’t recommend Cannabis Maximus full spectrum extract – I just wouldn’t be so pissed about it. 80 bucks for that fucking shit! !!? Dude, I buy divine smelling stuff every day in DC for less. It was almost smoke-free. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary was pretty average among the cannabis stores I visited in downtown Denver, and their price for the concentrate I hated has dropped significantly, but they have great potential and a good team of people working there. You’d better do it if you’re going to go there – we’ll go through some reviews afterwards, which I enjoyed!This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about ballpark holistic dispensary menu and let us know what you think.

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