Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but consumers are still waiting for the first cannabis-powered game to be released. Meanwhile, craft beer continues to grow with a staggering rate of growth. What’s going on?

Cannabis Vs. Craft Beer — How’s It Going? is a blog post about the differences between cannabis and craft beer. The author, Fuzzy Logic, discusses how cannabis has been able to innovate in an industry that has largely remained stagnant since prohibition.



All one needs to do is turn on primetime television to get a sense of how deeply drinking is ingrained in our society. During every big award ceremony or sports event, audiences are bombarded with advertisements from a variety of alcohol companies whose aim is to keep Americans drunk.

The issue is that the overwhelming majority of Americans no longer consume as much alcohol as they previously did. What are they up to now? Weed smoking! According to recent research, cannabis use among the 19-30 age group will hit an all-time high (no pun intended) in 2020. The recent rise in marijuana usage is mostly to blame for the steady decline in alcohol sales. There are a number of variables that may assist explain when and why people are beginning to prefer marijuana over alcohol. Here are a few examples.

Cannabis Is Now More Acceptable Than It Was Years Ago

Images of the unkempt, confused stoner with no concerns in the world may come to mind in older portrayals of marijuana use in the media. Those preconceptions are being shattered on a daily basis, thanks to the increased statewide legalization of marijuana. It’s easier to see marijuana users as friends and colleagues rather than extras in a stoner movie from the 1970s now that customers can go into their favorite dispensary and buy their preferred cannabis product the same way wine mothers can buy their favorite bottle of vino.

Alcohol Can Be Expensive Compared to Marijuana

It’s no secret that young people, particularly those just starting out in their early twenties, don’t have a lot of discretionary money. That’s why it’s critical for them to get the most bang for their money. A drink costs about $6 in any pub in a major city throughout the nation. This implies that a night out drinking might cost anything from $20 and $50.

That doesn’t even take into account the physical toll of a severe hangover, which might prevent you from working for a day or two. A gram of high-quality cannabis may cost anywhere from $10 to $20, and a couple might sustain a casual user all week.

Marijuana Fits Better With Millennials’ Lifestyles

Following the legalization of cannabis for adults in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, every major beer brand’s worries became a reality. Craft brewers have seen a recent decrease as well, although this is due to a small but evident oversaturation of the market across the board. The situation of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington is particularly interesting since beer consumption is declining in each of the states that were the first to legalize cannabis in the continental United States.

What makes things even more complicated is that research indicates that areas with legalized cannabis consistently underperform other craft beer markets throughout the nation. The issue is if this is a sign of things to come for the cannabis and craft beer industries.

Because of their ability to portray themselves as lifestyle brands, cannabis companies have been able to grab such a large part of the craft beer market share. It’s simpler to persuade younger customers that your brand and goods are compatible with their lives by seeming to be similar to spin classes and pressed juice bars, which are popular with the millennial generation. The broad variety of populations that newer cannabis products and companies are targeting, which includes health enthusiasts and plain old stoners seeking for a high after work, demonstrates this.

In its early stages, legalized marijuana wreaked havoc on the craft beer industry. As more states explore legalizing, the beer business should be prepared to take a second seat to cannabis unless significant changes are made in how they present themselves to younger customers.

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