There are many different types of marijuana strains. Each strain has either a Sativa, Indica or a hybrid that has a mix of the both. There are so many strains that you would need to do research on each one to see which one would work best for the condition you are trying to treat.

Chocolope (Capital City Care)  | The Chocolope strain is one of the most sought-after in the cannabis market, and it’s no wonder why. This sativa-dominant hybrid gives off a distinctive yet pleasant chocolate aroma, and its buds are covered with sparkling trichomes. And when you smoke it, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria, creativity, and energy that leaves you feeling motivated, blissful, and relaxed all day long.

Chocolope is a  sativa-dominant strain possessing an earthy, sweet flavor and a potent THC level that ranges from 17-23%. This strain has a deep brown color and a thick layer of trichomes, giving it a rich and dense appearance. Chocolope is best used in the morning or during the day due to its sativa effects. It is a great strain for social interactions and daytime activities.. Read more about capital city care reviews and let us know what you think.

Under the previous rules, D.C. patients had to choose a clinic to work with when they got their card. So Gentleman couldn’t go to Capital City Care until the reciprocity agreement went into effect. However, CCC is vertically integrated and its flowers can also be found in other stores. So I had several kinds from Cap City (and their sister company Apelles). I liked them, but none made it into my normal rotation, where we usually grow Abatin or Liberty. I wanted to see what the flowers would look like in a year or more, right at the source. The last time I was stuck in traffic on North Capitol St and still had time, I took a detour and bought some beautiful chocolates. This was my first experience with the new reciprocity law which allows me, as a medical cannabis patient from Maryland, to visit any dispensary in DC (the limitation of one dispensary for DC patients was also lifted). It was as easy as going to any pharmacy in Maryland, which is even more impressive since I haven’t had the chance to get checked out yet, although I think it could make a big difference. I just have a printout of the certificate Allegany gave me and I show it upon request, no problem. Cap City checked me in and quickly sent me to the bathroom in the cozy back room. The current product selection is still heavily focused on their own products, but they have expanded the line to include concentrates, tinctures, vape cartridges, etc. and offer more varieties between Cap City and Apelles. word-image-9920-scaled Gluberry The District of Columbia, for example, still limits any medical marijuana grower to 1,000 plants, which is pretty low for a professional grow. My professional opinion is that they created Apelles as a separate but related structure to get around this limitation. It would be great if they licensed another organization, but it’s smart and gives them more control over quality and cost, so kudos. I heard that the maximum number of plants would be increased, but I also heard that the surplus would stay with the producers and not be sold. That’s the problem with patient participation, which is really low – according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, only 5,500 patients are enrolled in the program, which is not enough for economic growth, while the high cost prevents more patients from enrolling. As it stands, this is an interesting conundrum for Freakonomics experts, but it will be easily solved when Congress stops squeezing Washington out of an industry the citizens voted for and all medical dispensaries are allowed to sell recreational products. Luckily, everything is pre-packaged at Capital City Care, so I couldn’t smell it before I bought it. I had to rely on Badtender’s recommendations, so I let him know I was looking for very fragrant flowers, no pressure. The Chocolopa she designated certainly lived up to the Lord’s high expectations. My batch smelled more like Skunkalope – a rich, spicy funk with a distinct cantaloupe aroma just underneath. It’s sublime. The cantaloupe is really present in the aroma of this exceptionally smooth smoke. The buttons themselves have a great pocket character. My eighth were actually three well-groomed, bright green bushes with bright orange hairs and glistening trichomes that looked like giant, smoking emeralds, picked by lovely burnt elves who probably wore funny hats, sang songs and filled their baskets with beautiful smiling berries for you and me. word-image-9921-scaled Chokolope So, as you’ve gathered, Cap City Chocolop cheers me up. This sativa has a pronounced physical high. I don’t feel anxious or excited. Instead, my stamina bar quietly filled up, and my special moves became available again when I needed them. That’s great. Chocolope also has the classic Haze effect, which prevents anxiety by short-circuiting concentration and memory. You can forget where you left your keys, but you can also forget for a few minutes that the president is a treasonous puppet starting a nuclear war on Twitter to distract us from the guys who are actively engaged in cyberwarfare maneuvers against our republic, so that’s a net benefit. Anyway, it may not be the best strain to fill TPS reports with, but if you can slip past Lumbergh, you’ll find that Chocolope is a great strain to talk to, perhaps at your favorite chain restaurant where flair is desired, or with a cute waitress who also loves Kung Fu. Who knows? It’s summer, baby, get outside and enjoy the land before it turns into a radioactive, mutant-infested wasteland! Leave the PIP boy in the dash, will you? word-image-9922-scaled When the packaging is prettier than what’s inside…. Chocolope from Capital City Care receives the highest recommendation from Gentleman. I even used these flowers as an example of excellence in one of my recent consultations. They really are that good. The free gluegram I received with my purchase was also very nice. The resin leaves turned out to be 50/50 – the Ghost Train Haze they were selling was decent, but the Cannalope Haze was rough, so more work needs to be done on that, proving the need for boxes for the demo. But even without looking at it, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop and buy another batch of flowers to try. Speaking of which. Subscribe to my newsletter for a chance to win free flowers this Friday…..

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Our Chocolope is known for its sweet and earthy aroma and taste. This hybrid is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The great thing about this strain is that they offer different versions of the strain to give you a choice of how you want to feel. If you want to relax, we suggest going with the Indica version. It will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. If you need a little more energy to get through your day, there is also the Sativa version which offers a more energetic and uplifting experience.. Read more about columbia care and let us know what you think.

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