Chong’s Choice The Sauce from SHANGO Las Vegas is a high-end cannabis infused sauce that is made by Chong himself. Chong is the founder of SHANGO Las Vegas. Chong, an avid home cook and a small-time chef, started the company in 2002 after learning how to make and manage a cannabis infused sauce from a friend. Today, Chong is the CEO of SHANGO, a company he created with the help of his partner, Shaun. Today, Chong’s Choice The Sauce is used by limo companies, restaurants, and even the children hospitals, and it’s available in over two dozen states. Chong’s Choice is a premier California-grown cannabis infused sauce that is made from the highest quality ingredients. Chong’s Choice

Chong’s Choice The Sauce from SHANGO Las Vegas

Chong’s Choice Las Vegas is proud to announce the creation of a special cannabis sauce created by our own Chong Sr. We have been creating all of our sauces with cannabis concentrates, but this time, we have decided to use budder as the main ingredient. We hope that you enjoy the Chong Sr. signature cannabis sauce in many of our dishes.

SHANGO was on my list of Vegas dispensaries to visit because it’s also a cultivation center (meaning they grow flowers, do extractions, and make their own edibles), but when I saw that they offered Chong’s Choice flowers on their full menu, my purchase was made for me. Today we’re going to look at an herb personally approved by Tommy Freakin Chong! Really, sir? When I was in town during the first days of the sale, I found good prices everywhere. I mean, I have a lot of them. SHANGO had light ounces that were cheap at $199 and available in many different varieties, then the prices went up. Of course, if you want to smoke like Chong, you’ll have to pay a little more. And I did it because I wanted to! And at $57 for the eighth episode, it’s still a reasonable price. I was impressed with most of the colors I found in Las Vegas – excellent flavor profiles across the board – and unlike REEF’s premium Khalifa Kush brand, I was able to view and smell Chong’s Choice before deciding to buy. SHANGO doesn’t make you feel the focus, but it was pretty typical of my Vegas experience. At least they let you see it. Not everyone does. word-image-10900 Sauce’s nose is deep, rich, with strong citrus notes. I was convinced it was mostly limonene, until I looked at the label and discovered that myrcene at 3.88 mg/g is actually the most potent terpene. Linalool is 0.17 mg/g and limonene is only 0.07 mg/g. THC is 21.4%, CBN and CBD were not detected. The light green cones are fresh despite the packaging and are covered in trichomes. The appeal of the eighth variety bag is good, several large pitchers surrounded by several smaller cones. I filled a cone with this stuff and it worked. Myrcene is more present in the rich, peppery aroma of this slightly smoky flower. He barely coughed the whole way down. Chong offers you many options to choose from. I sniffed Pink Frost and was very tempted, and I would have loved to get my hands on Quantum Kush, but The Sauce is a great hybrid and exactly the kind of drug that keeps Gentleman going. The flower captures my mood and elevates it, like one of those orange and white things floating in the water, whatever you want to call them, you know what I mean. This creates an organic defense against fear that still allows me to think clearly. I feel much more introspective than communicative, essentially letting my spiritual self rise to the surface of my ego and breathing a sigh of relief before the next exciting episode of Treason! in the White House shakes me out of my quiet morning reverie. It didn’t take long. I better smoke some more before I start googling things that will get me in trouble with the FBI. I only have one minor complaint about Chong’s Choice, and that is that the packaging was not marked. If I smoke my own brand of Chong’s and pay extra for it, it should say Chong’s Choice. That said, the smoke itself is phenomenal and I am very happy with it. Sure, you can pay less in Vegas and still get a great shocker, but the creators made the right choice with the Up In Smoke legend, and I’m damn glad they did. SHANGO is one of the best dispensaries I have visited. I recommend them both.Chong’s Choice is an award-winning cannabis sauce made by Chong and her husband Zane. Chong and her husband have always been passionate about the cannabis industry and they use their passions to make Chong’s Choice a delicious cannabis sauce that has been a top seller at dispensaries throughout Nevada. As a two-time cannabis competition winner, Chong started her sauce business in 2014 but after a few months decided to scale back from making the sauce so she could focus on her family. Chong and her husband Zane have two beautiful children, and Chong is a loving mother who believes in education.. Read more about shango promo code and let us know what you think.

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