Ever since being introduced to the plant in my teenage years I have been fascinated by it. I started experimenting with it when I was 18 and since then have gone on to find a myriad of cannabis products for me and my loved ones. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada I know many will be looking for options to purchase. I have compiled this list of my top five ‘Best Cannabis Strains for Sensible Use’ and hope it can help you find the perfect strain for you.

As a daily consumer of cannabis and a cannabis industry veteran, I have a profound passion and respect for the plant and its many uses. As someone who is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and a Solution Developer for SAP, I know a little bit about IT. And so I have some ideas about how cannabis could be used in the tech world. In particular, I think there is a huge opportunity in the cloud computing market for cannabis companies to use their expertise in the plant to provide services that could help users reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve overall lifestyle.

CloudN Nebula has been selected to compete at the Carmex Cup, the world’s largest cannabis competition, and we hope to make a big splash with the readers. We’re looking for entries of all types, from short fiction… to Q&A’s… to animated GIFs… and more. Also, we’re looking for entries in international languages to help reach as many of our readers’ as possible.

Namaste, my tiny, terrible tamarins! It’s fall, so of course there’s new everything to talk about. New music from Gentleman favorites PVRIS, Nothing But Thieves, & MUTEMATH to munch on nom nom nom. I listen to music like chewing gum- repetitively, until every morsel of artificial sugar has evaporated. New(ish) TV- Powerless is almost getting watchable while Midnight, Texas is never going to be, despite the presence of both a were-tiger and an energy vampire and how the hell is that even possible? It’s like watching someone drive the speed limit in a Lambo. What the hell did you get it for if you weren’t going to threaten the lives of your fellow citizens and force the authorities to White Bronco your ass onto the evening news? Also new, CloudN! They’re a DC-based canna-brand that offers both delivery and the opportunity to try it out their Nebula for yourself at local events. They also gift flowers, though I’ve yet to try any. CloudN has been experimenting with a portable, handheld nebulizer to create a cannabis experience that requires no flame, no L-Ion battery, and emits none of that straight hoobastank we all know and love but isn’t a welcome guest at every party. You don’t necessarily want to clue in the rest of the PTA board that Sally’s dad got that gas, right? The Nebula is similar to a vape cartridge, but the refillable solution is actually water-based. The rest is distillate and artificial flavors (I got Strawberry Sensation) and looks like watered-down strawberry milk. The device’s function is super simple- the front slides down with ease, instantly spraying a light, ganja-infused mist, which you refill by popping off the back panel and removing the attached stopper. It charges via USB and is slim like cigarettes marketed to chicks, daddyo. word-image-15656 The actual inhale requires some technique. First, you need to be indoors or you’re gonna lose a fair amount of mist. Put it a slight distance away from your face and purse your lips. If you just open your maw like some whiny-ass mountain troll as THE NOTHING consumes your imaginary planet, you’re probably gonna choke on it. It’s like you wanna give it a little kiss, silly! word-image-15657 The potency level is essentially micro-dosing for your Gentleman. Not nearly as powerful as flowers or a vape cartridge, I wouldn’t use this as my daily medicine, but I expect you’d get a better result if you haven’t got into dabbing yet. I could also see it’s use for new patients or folks that do not enjoy or require a heavily psychoactive experience. Personally, I’ve found it useful as a quick spritz before a meeting where I had to be on, to freshen my head up a bit without getting me lost in there. I feel a bit more alert and less anxious after a few draws- definitely a lil sumpin sumpin. I’ve tried taking draws nearly non-stop for twenty minutes and that did produce a slightly more tangible result, but it’s a significant effort. word-image-15658 CloudN is still tweaking the formula and the Gentleman looks forward to what the Nebula could do when that juice is cranked up to 1.21 Gigawatts! The Nebula itself is pretty nifty and emitted very little strawberry stank- plenty stealthy enough for you to sneak some pulls in the garage and leave your wife’s book club none the wiser. They’re drunk, anyway, and that laughter you hear just now is almost certainly regarding your penis. Yep, you’ve got some time before it’s safe to go back inside, buddy. Check out CloudN on their website and Follow them on Instagram, since you didn’t think to put a TV in here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nebula cloud?

A nebula cloud (or a nebula) is a gigantic cloud of gas and dust that­—sometimes­—is shaped like a giant, glowing cloud. These clouds of gas and dust look really awesome from the outside, but they can also be really dangerous. There are three types of nebula clouds: 1.) Interstellar clouds, 2.) Planetary nebula, and 3.) Star-forming nebula. Nebulae clouds are formed by massive interstellar clouds of dust and gas. Nebulae clouds may be formed by the gravitational collapse of a massive cloud, or by the accretion of matter onto a pre-existing cloud.

Is a nebula bigger than a galaxy?

New planets are being discovered all the time. While some of these planets might be smaller than the Earth, the new planet that has recently been discovered is from a galaxy 4 billion light years away. This planet is called HAT-P-11b, which means the ‘Hidden Astronomer Telescope Planet 11b’. It was discovered with the Hubble Space Telescope. The discovery was announced on August 27, 2018. The Milky Way is the galaxy we are most intimately familiar with, but other galaxies are just as massive and contain just as many stars as our own. For example, the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years from Earth, but is more than ten times larger than the Milky Way. It contains around 1.7 trillion stars, about one hundred times more than the Milky Way.

What are the 5 types of nebulae?

Nebulae are one of the most fascinating objects in the universe. We are going to talk about the five different types of nebulae, which are: dark nebulae, emission nebulae, diffuse nebulae, planetary nebulae and planetary nebulae-like objects. Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas that form around new stars. They can be extremely compact but they can also be gigantic, as our own Milky Way galaxy has more than a hundred of them. This image of a giant nebula called “CloudN Nebula” is a composite of images taken through red, green, and blue filters. The process of creating this image is called color addition. For each filter color the image is overlaid with a grid of squares that are slightly smaller for each filter.

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