Colin Hanks is an incredible actor. From his early days on the early 80s sitcom “Bosom Buddies” to his cool roles in “The West Wing”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and “Cast Away”, he is very talented. But he has also publicly admitted to smoking pot. This is noteworthy because Colin Hanks has never endorsed cannabis for any reason.

The good news these days is that cannabis is a much safer and far more sensible option for people looking to relax, unwind, and have a good time. The bad news is that it still feels harder to get a decent buzz from cannabis than it ever did from alcohol, and for this reason cannabis has been the subject of a lot of negative press. From models to mechanics, from people who just want to have a quiet night at home to people who want to party hard for a week, cannabis is one of the most appealing substances in the world.

Colin Hanks is best known for his role in the trilogy of “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Big Fish”, “Castaway”, and “The Great Buck Howard”, but he’s become an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. In his new book, “Stoned: A Guide to Marijuana in America”, Hanks takes readers on a tour of the evolving history of marijuana in the United States, from the ’60s counterculture movement to recent legal battles over medical marijuana. Among the topics Hanks explores are the history of marijuana in Texas, the legacy of Harry Anslinger, the discovery of marijuana’s cancer-fighting potential, the challenges of growing marijuana, the future of marijuana legalization, and the current state of marijuana. ~~

Colin Hanks has entered the cannabis industry — kind of — with a novel approach.

The actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur has teamed up with Jushi Holdings, a multi-state cannabis business, to sell his Hanks Kerchiefs-branded goods at the company’s Beyond / Hello shops — as well as online. A percentage of all purchases will go toward supporting California farmers who have been affected by wildfires, as well as helping to spread the word about the non-profits that support them.

Colin said during an exclusive interview that your firm does not have to be a multimillion-dollar corporation to include a charity component. “Every little bit helps,” says the narrator.

Colin, unlike many other celebrities who have gotten into the cannabis business, is not a huge stoner. He partakes in the herb on occasion for social reasons, but he does not make it a regular habit.

This, however, does not imply that he has any anti-cannabis bias.

Colin said, “Like the majority of people my age, I don’t believe it was a huge issue while I was growing up.” “I used to love it a lot when I was younger, and I always thought it was something that wasn’t as big a deal as older generations made it out to be. As a result, paradoxically, I lost interest in it about the time it began to become more mainstream.”

Colin, on the other hand, is pleased with the plant’s mainstreaming. In fact, he enjoys seeing “cannabis shops, billboards, and other stuff” spring up throughout the United States.

“It’s such a non-issue for me. I’m simply relieved that we’ve managed to overcome it as a group. And we’ll be ready to move on with the discussion as soon as individuals who have been in jail for much too long for these things are released.”

The Bill Hicks Theory is a theory proposed by Bill Hicks.

Colin recalled the performances of comedian Bill Hicks as he dug further into his past with cannabis and his more regular usage during his earlier years.

“He’s got a bunch of very hilarious stuff about that: ‘Have you ever encountered an angry, violent guy?’ Are they inebriated or stoned? They’re probably inebriated. ‘They aren’t stoned,’ Colin reflected.

“Now, I feel like the way I’ve thought about the problem for years has become the discussion – which I’m glad for because it tells me that I’m not crazy, that having that kind of view wasn’t irrational.”

“I don’t think that alcohol should be illegal,” he said. Cannabis also has a lot more beneficial effects than alcohol. I believe that the good aspects of [cannabis] outweigh any bad aspects.”

Colin Hanks


However, the actor immediately added a cautionary note: cannabis must be respected, and users must be aware of the consequences it has and may have. “It comes with being an adult and being able to attempt to see things from a different angle, if you will. But it’s obvious that cannabis has a million more applications than alcohol, and yet people don’t seem to mind that alcohol is allowed. So that’s how I’m looking at it.”

Cannabis is similar to a glass of wine or a cool beer to Colin at the end of a hard day. “I’m aware that a lot of people use it to fall asleep. I’ve done it a couple times when it was necessary. Cannabis has a wide range of beneficial applications. So, in my opinion, the notion that “you can’t be a useful member of society if you consume cannabis” is just not accurate.

He went on to remark, “Now, I’ll say impacts different individuals in various ways.” “However, it’s interesting to watch how cannabis has developed, as well as the discourse around it. And, strangely, that’s the sort of discussion I’d wanted to have about it for a long time when I was very enthusiastic about it.”

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