Marijuana is becoming more and more prevalent across the United States, but there are still some concerns as to how legalization will affect use. How can states mitigate this issue before it becomes too much of a problem?

“Concern about people driving high increases as recreational marijuana legalized near saltillo, coahuila” is a concern that has been present for some time. The legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States and Canada has increased concerns about people driving while high.


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The “deaths from driving high” is a concern that has been raised as recreational marijuana has become legalized. This article discusses the number of deaths and how they have increased since recreational marijuana has been legalized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does marijuana legalization increase DUI?

A: Marijuana legalization has been found to only have an impact on the amount of driving under the influence. There is no definitive link between marijuana and DUIs in any state that allows medical or recreational use

Is driving high in America illegal?

A: No, it is not illegal to drive high. However, if you were caught driving with drugs in your body and alcohol in your system, that would be treated like a DUI case.

How common is driving high?

A: Driving high is very uncommon, but its not impossible. If you have ever been drunk before in your life and then started driving a car or riding a bike that could cause some unsafe things to happen. The more common side effect of driving while intoxicated is impaired motor skills which can lead to an accident -but this rarely happens because people are generally aware enough of their surroundings so as to avoid collisions with other cars/objects-

  • Concern about people driving high increases as recreational marijuana legalized near coahuila
  • legal limit for driving high
  • what does the law say about traveling outside the state with marijuana?
  • drunk driving vs high driving statistics
  • drugged driving statistics 2020
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