There is a major cannabis controversy brewing between the United States and Canada. Marijuana is legal in both countries, but the U.S. is currently ramping up a crackdown on the sale and distribution of marijuana within its borders, while Canadian authorities have been striving to legalize the drug, to the frustration of American pot farmers. The disagreement between the two countries has escalated to a bitter feud this week, when the U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against a Canadian couple, who own a marijuana farm in British Columbia, and are accused of importing cannabis into the United States.

If you watch UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s Instagram, you’ll notice that he’s become a pretty regular user of the platform. The Irish mixed martial artist—who’s been barred from competing in the UFC for his involvement in a backstage brawl—seems to post a bunch of random stuff on the social media outlet, including a video of him smoking a blunt in a bathroom. But is it legal?



McGregor revealed earlier this year that he will be releasing TIDL Sport, a CBD-infused sports rehabilitation brand.

Conor McGregor seems to be using cannabis as part of his rehabilitation plan after fracturing his tibia in a bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 last month.

In recent weeks, McGregor has been busy on Instagram, sharing tales of himself smoking a “huge blunt” and boasting that his hemp farm in Oregon is “the finest in the USA.”

“A couple hits of this one to relax and take in the noises and scenery. It also helps me a lot with my recuperation. According to the Irish Mirror, McGregor allegedly stated in a recent post, “Everything in moderation.”

McGregor revealed earlier this year that he will be releasing a CBD-infused sports recovery brand called TIDL Sport in collaboration with The Anthos Group.

The company’s main product is a hemp-derived extract-based “plant-powered cryotherapy topical spray.”

“Using TIDL goods just made my body feel revived,” McGregor said in January. “After meeting with the team, I realized we could develop items that truly work and make recuperation simpler for the athlete.”

McGregor replied on Instagram, saying he was smoking a “Indica dominating strain” from his hemp farm in Eugene, Oregon, which he described as the “best in the United States.”

In addition to the spray, it seems that TIDL is planning to release flower-based goods.

“We’ve been experimenting with several strains. This one is mostly Indica, but we have a lot of high-quality [items] in the pipeline for our fans,” McGregor added.

Nate Diaz, a two-time McGregor opponent, has co-founded a CBD business with his brother, Nick, called Game Up Nutrition.

Diaz smoked a joint during a press conference ahead of UFC 263 in June, naming the strain “Kill 4209.”

“Baby, that’s the chronic right there. Diaz replied, “You already know what’s going on.”

Positive cannabis tests no longer result in fines or bans for UFC fighters as of January 1, but state sports commissions may still penalize athletes.

Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s senior vice president of athlete health and performance, stated last year that UFC fighters use cannabis mainly for three reasons: pain relief, sleep, and anxiety.

On The Schmozone Podcast, Novitzky stated, “The mental component of this game is tremendous.” “I mean, psychologically to be able to face one of the toughest guys and ladies on the world in a closed cage, it just makes you a special, unique person,” she says.

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