A couple that makes cannabis oil and raises cannabis plants in their home near Seattle say they have been left counting the cost after an explosion destroyed their home and destroyed their lives. The home had been sealed off by police and investigators from the local fire department after the explosion, which has caused an estimated $40,000 in damage, which could rise further.

A couple in the Toluca Lake area of L.A. were arrested Thursday morning after police found them with a large amount of marijuana, an ounce of hash, and a pound of concentrated cannabis oil, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The couple, who were not identified, caused over $40,000 damage to their house after it exploded and caught fire, destroying their bedroom, according to police.

A couple in Kalispell, Montana are facing felony charges after a homemade oil extraction lab exploded while they were making cannabis oil and causing a $40,000 fire damage to their residence.. Read more about is hemp and cbd the same and let us know what you think.



The explosion blew out kitchen and laundry door frames, as well as numerous windows, sending glass soaring approximately 25 meters.

After their effort to make cannabis oil culminated in a huge explosion, a New Zealand couple has inflicted more than $46,000 in damage (about C$40,400) to a home in the suburb of Invercargill.

Both Samuel Paul Just, 29, and Rebecca Anne Bower, 28, are accused of manufacturing cannabis oil. According to a story from Stuff NZ, both have pled guilty after a district court hearing on Tuesday, when they were convicted and placed on bail.

Emergency services were called on the afternoon of September 9, 2020, after neighbors reported hearing an explosion, according to a police statement of facts.

The explosion blew apart the kitchen and laundry door frames, as well as numerous windows, police said, with glass flying approximately 25 meters.

According to the summary, the roof became deformed, causing damage to an adjoining bedroom and bath, and a fire broke out in the laundry room.

The pair allegedly poured six canisters of butane into a pop bottle and produced the oil before the butane ignited, according to the police. The pair confessed to buying the butane canisters earlier that day and utilizing them to make the oil.

The home, which is owned by Kinga Ora Homes and Communities, a Crown organization that offers rental accommodation to people in need, was damaged to the tune of $46,000. According to the summary, a neighbor’s house was also damaged for a little more than $600.

Bower and Just were both transported to the hospital with burns to their arms and faces.

After voters narrowly rejected legalization in a referendum last year, cannabis remains a banned Class B substance in New Zealand, alongside opium, morphine, and MDMA.

The supply or production of a Class B narcotic carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail.

At the end of October, Bower and Just are likely to be sentenced.

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