Having landed on PHO from The Giving Tree after a few years of searching, I’m now up to speed on the newest and best strains, and have a deep appreciation for the Dr. James Bartlett, the G. W. D. F. F., and everyone who has put so much effort and time into this site.

Cannabis plants are a little like trees. They’re all different, with different characteristics, and take a different amount of trimming to look their best.

The Craft710 Farm in Westwood, CO, is a collective of farmers who have been growing cannabis for over two years. Efficiency and personalization are key to this operation, and the Craft710 PHO (pharmacological extraction) method is both efficient and unique. The products are then distributed in a variety of forms, from a 12-pack of vape cartridges to a variety of edibles, all grown in Colorado.

The Giving Tree of Denver was highly regarded in Google reviews of pharmacies, so I decided to walk to West 38th Avenue and see what was going on. Although it references one of the saddest stories in English children’s literature you can find (the story of a tree that gives a boy everything it can, after which the boy grows up and cuts off that branch to make a boat or something, I don’t remember exactly), the shop itself was quirky, fun, and I got a good deal on PHO (propane instead of the more common concentrate with butane extract) for Strawberry Cough at Craft710. word-image-11190 The Giving Tree is small and a little tight to get through security, which took a while on Friday night. It is well lit, which is very important to me. I want to think about the flowers, but I also don’t want to buy weed in a dark room that looks like a run-down teenager’s basement. Speaking of colors, they had a great selection at a good price. They package what I don’t like, although this system seems to be more common, in caps. The lumpy salesman was knowledgeable and didn’t blush when I asked for a dish of sour den, even though he couldn’t. These flowers didn’t impress me any more than the other dispensaries I visited, but I did find a few Snow Cap x Tres Kush strains that worked well. A sweet scent of warm spices, possibly sandalwood, was released from the small gram I bought for the low price of $12.38. After taking it that night, my mind gradually wandered, my head became fuzzy and I was ready for a good night’s sleep. word-image-11191 I also picked up a gram of strawberry cough sugar wax extracted with propane from Craft710. It was a nice jump in quality over the $25/g hard shard (purchase of 2) I got from Native Roots for only $8 more ($33.02 without tax). This is largely due to the packaging, which comes in a beautiful orange and white box with a heavy glass holder inside. The seller asked me to check before purchasing and indeed, there was a slight strawberry flavor to the sugar. The product was perfectly suited and easy to work with. The cannabinoid profile that emerges from the test results is interesting: 2 mg of CBG and 41.1 mg of THC. Craft710’s PHO is a little bland, with just a hint of fruit, but the buzz is clean. Strawberry Cough is not a high energy sativa. It is a mood enhancing drug that helps you feel awake and alert while staying relaxed. The word I want to use here is receptive, and while I’m sure it will help you make a telepathic connection with your friends who are hiding from the terrible monsters lurking in the Upside Down world, I actually meant meditation or, since it’s almost summer, sunbathing to the sounds of new tracks like this scorching Sir Sly track. In short! I loved Denver’s Giving Tree. Nice place, attentive bartender, one of the few places where a courteous gentleman deigned to buy flowers, and to top it off, at one of the most reasonable prices I’ve ever found. At $33, Craft710 also offered an excellent price and smooth buyer with their sugar wax PHO. It is definitely one of the most beautiful pharmacies I have visited and I would recommend it to other tourists.Craft710 PHO from The Giving Tree (Cannabis). Read more about the giving tree summary and let us know what you think.

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