Curaleaf, a cannabis dispensary chain with six locations in the state of Arizona, has opened their ninth location. This is part of Curaleaf’s plan to have 45 dispensary locations across the state by 2020.

Curaleaf, a cannabis dispensary in Arizona, has opened their 9th location. The opening of the new dispensary comes as an addition to their current 8 locations. The company is also offering daily deals for those who purchase products from them. Read more in detail here: curaleaf daily deals.

Curaleaf Opens 9th Dispensary in Arizona

PHX Dispensary

Curaleaf 48th Street in Phoenix, Arizona is officially open, according to Curaleaf, a prominent worldwide distributor of cannabis consumer goods. This is the company’s ninth dispensary in California.

The new dispensary, which is located at 4730 South 48th Street, is around 5,000 square feet in size and contains area for product education, exploration, and client convenience. Curaleaf 48th Street will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and is conveniently situated off Interstate 10 near the Sky Harbor Airport on the city boundary of Phoenix and Tempe. Curaleaf has other dispensaries in Glendale and Gilbert, as well as sites in Camelback, Central, Midtown, and Pavilions in the Phoenix-Metro region. Curaleaf presently employs over 600 people throughout Arizona, and the launch of 48th Street will contribute over 40 new employment to the local economy.

Curaleaf dispensaries provide a varied product selection, including the company’s namesake cannabis brand, as well as a number of local brands and product types to pick from. Select products, such as the innovative Cliq by Select vape system and Select Squeeze, an award-winning, fast-acting THC Beverage Enhancer, are available at all nine Curaleaf dispensaries in Arizona.

“Since 2010, I’ve had the opportunity of serving Arizona’s medical marijuana community, and I’ve been thrilled to be a member of the Curaleaf team since their operations here began in 2018.” As this market continues to expand, we look forward to making new relationships in Phoenix, producing new economic prospects, and providing excellent retail experiences,” stated Steve Cottrell, President of Curaleaf Arizona.

Customers are encouraged to join in Curaleaf Arizona’s annual community food drive, “Cans for Kush,” an exchange program that helps St. Mary’s Food Bank and aims to fight food poverty in the region. Guests are invited to bring two cans of food or non-perishable food products in return for a.25g Shortie Pre-Roll, five cans for a.5g Curaroll pre-roll, ten cans for a 1g pre-roll, and twenty-five cans for a five-pack of pre-rolls. Last year’s food drive resulted in almost nine tons of food being given to the charity.

From Thursday, December 3rd to Sunday, December 5th, patients and adults 21 and up are invited to celebrate the grand opening, during which first-time visitors will be offered an incredible buy-one-get-one 50 percent off promotion on all products, as well as unique doorbusters from more than 15 cannabis brands.

Visit for more information about Curaleaf’s retail locations.

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The “dispensary birthday deals phoenix” is a dispensary that has opened its doors in Arizona. The dispensary will have many different strains and products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dispensaries does Arizona have Curaleaf?

A: There are currently over 1,000 dispensaries across the state of Arizona.

When did dispensaries open in Arizona?

A: There were no dispensaries open in Arizona on the date this question was asked.

Are dispensaries selling to the public in Arizona?

A: In Arizona, marijuana is not legal for recreational use. As a result, dispensaries cannot legally sell to the public and as such there are no dispensaries located in Phoenix or Tucson.

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