A brand-centred cannabis venture will launch from design studio Zero on July 31, with five weed products and a growing selection of edibles. The company’s new range offers CBD oils, vape cartridges and the trendy ‘budtender’ joint rolling machine.

The “cbd stocks to watch” is a cannabis company that was founded in 2018. The company launched its own ‘brand-centred’ cannabis venture with five weed products.

Design studio Zero launches its own 'brand-centred' cannabis venture with five weed products



Zero, a New York design firm, has partnered with the creators of Dosist and Sunday Goods to develop Studio, a “brand-centered” cannabis startup. After years of assisting customers in the development of cannabis brands, this is the first step toward building their own.

Studio began operations in Arizona, with intentions to extend to additional regions throughout the United States. With an estimated $2.6 billion in cannabis income by 2025, the state is primed to be one of America’s most attractive legal cannabis marketplaces. Dosist’s Matt Seashols, Sunday Goods’ Randy Smith, and the Zero team saw an opening and chose to combine their skills in retail, content, design, strategy, and developing trendsetting brands to create something new.

“We appreciated Matt and Randy’s earlier businesses,” says Zero Creative Director Mark Goldwell, “both of which set the way for the next generation of companies in the area.”

“They were anxious to do something new in the cannabis industry, and they, like us, were open to suggestions on how to achieve it. It was a comfortable atmosphere, full of sharing and creativity. It only made sense to remain associated with Studio over the long haul, especially for a project in which we have an ownership investment.”

Melted, Plant Based, Human Resources, Tell Your Friends, and Session are among the goods Studio has produced as part of its launch to appeal to customers over the lifespan of their cannabis usage. Zero built customer personas as the creative and philosophical anchors of the brands and utilized them to build products, designs, and messaging by investigating “typical use” scenarios, experiences, and demands that drive cannabis consumers.

Rich navy and sage tones with bronze and gold metallic foil elements make up Zero’s overall Studio identity. It recalls a vintage Motown vibe and functions as an unique but not overpowering canvas for the other Studio brands when paired with a contemporary, pin-striped logo. According to the creators, the company’s mission as a “Cannabis Collective” is to quickly build tailored brands to “meet the consumer where it is, instead of delivering the same derivative clichés that often have little-to-no emotional appeal.”

“From an emotional standpoint, effective cannabis businesses must not only develop brands that people endorse and actively match with their lives, but they must also consider and meet them where they are in terms of experience,” Goldwell argues.

“Many individuals have tried cannabis and had a negative experience with it. It’s critical to empower people with non-encyclopedic or condescending teaching concerning dose, form factor, onset, and intended results.”

Melted is the first new brand under the Studio banner, and it’s aimed at the “ordinary user.” Melted’s voice is aggressive, monochromatic, and expressive, with all branded items being black and white and a variety of strange images such as twisted, striped, and checkered patterns.

Melted will debut with two main product lines: Melted, which is a regular premium line, and Tiger Style, which is an extremely powerful premium brand. While the Melted line meets the market with best-in-class items at an accessible price, the Tiger Style line pushes product innovation to new heights of potency. It comes with a Rosin-infused dipping pre-roll that’s rolled in “sauce and diamonds.”

We may anticipate four more items in the future, with Zero handling all branding and marketing. “Cannabis has been trivialized in the media and by the government for so long, despite the plant’s huge and strong medicinal powers,” says Mark Goldwell.

“There are so many possibilities, from self-discovery to pain and anxiety alleviation. As a result, Studio is the natural next step for us as an agency. Working with Matt and Randy, we strive to create businesses that provide consumers with the greatest items for their lives. Through the potential of cannabis, we can contribute to making everyone’s life better.”

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