In a recent article, Duo CEO Noah Raford discusses the company’s mission to destigmatize marijuana and make it easier for people to use cannabis. He argues that the stigma surrounding cannabis is hurting society by preventing people from using it, and he believes that this will change in the near future.

The how to get a grant to open a dispensary is an article that discusses how the stigma surrounding marijuana has led to many people being unable to find help.



The cannabis market in New York State is coming, but there are still a lot of concerns about how it will operate. While that battle rages on in Albany, a couple of Central New York entrepreneurs are on a mission to dispel marijuana misconceptions and ease people into the notion of “canna-business” in their communities.

They claim that although smoking marijuana is now legal in New York, it is just a small part of the fight.


“We’ve been getting down and talking about some ideas since March, and we wanted to do something different,” Byron Cage said.

Cage’s company and brand, “The Higher Calling,” is working on vibrating apparel in favor of legal cannabis. It’s a way to help fund the idea of a sales and consumption lounge in the future.

Cage said there was a deeper push before the caps and shirts, as legislation was enacted.

“It’s much more than simply having a lounge, owning a club, or earning a lot of money because that’s all up in the air, but we want to raise awareness,” Cage said. “We want to convey knowledge about what the law means for women, minorities, and handicapped veterans, and how we may benefit, since we’ve been stigmatized and shunned in the past. And it’s all centered on the material itself.”

The brand is focused on de-stigmatizing, and Cage says he intends to gather behind it in early October in Syracuse’s inner harbor.

“We’re going to have suppliers out here, we’re going to have inside knowledge, and we’re working with the growers and processors organization in New York. So some of our close friends, companies from all across the state, will be here,” Cage said.

The aim, according to Cage, is to quickly establish a professional network ahead of the New York state cannabis market.

“We’re delighted to be doing what we’re doing,” Cage said. “We realize it’s not popular right now, but it will be,” he added. “And when it does, we’ll be at the top of the food chain; the bar.”

Mike Golden, a real estate agent and entrepreneur, works with Cage and The Higher Calling.

“I’ve always been a supporter of business, particularly as a minority,” Golden said. “I believe it is something we should constantly be focused on, and we should always strive to assist other Black-owned businesses.”

A business like The Higher Calling is all about breaking stereotypes, not just the threads.

Golden said, “When you see a Black man smoking marijuana, he’s like a gangster or whatever the case may be.” “Though, like you, he might simply be a professional or a real estate agent or run a business.”

The pair claims to be in it for the long term.

“I believe we have a long way to go in terms of destigmatizing.” Golden went on to say. “It’s what it says, DARE programs in the 1980s were based on condemning marijuana to some extent, so to be at the forefront of that, I’m all for it.”

The new jersey minority alliance is a group of people who are working to destigmatize marijuana. They want to show that marijuana can be used for many things, like medical purposes and recreational use.

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