Cannabis concentrates are a new phenomenon in the marijuana market. If you want to know what these products can do for your health and wellbeing, read on!

Essential Guide To Understanding Marijuana Concentrates

As the marijuana industry expands, the ways in which it is consumed seem to develop at a similar rate. The majority of dispensary retail enterprises do not sell flower cannabis. Concentrates are growing more popular and diversified as time goes on.

It’s critical to grasp what marijuana concentrates are as this niche sector starts to outsell other marijuana products.

Marijuana Concentrates: What Are They?

Concentrates are exactly what they sound like: concentrated forms. There are various techniques, but each kind of concentrate has far more THC or CBD than its flower counterpart. THC levels in flower typically vary from 10% to 25%, although concentrated goods may reach as high as 80 percent. 

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The ultimate result is affected by how a concentration is extracted or manufactured. This has an impact on how it is eaten as well. Some concentrates are smoked, while others are inhaled by vaporization. Some may be used topically, while others can be consumed or even drank.

Concentrates in Common Forms

There is now a vast list of concentrates on the market, and the list will most certainly continue to increase as new specialized markets emerge. There are numerous prominent concentrate variations worth mentioning as a starting point of information for anyone interested in learning more.


The “original” focus is hash. It has been relished for ages, and with the rise of concentrates, it has made a strong reappearance. Hash is usually aromatic, and it’s rolled into a thick ball before being consumed.

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Butane hash oil is known as shatter. Shatter is often thought to be the purest type of concentrate, hence those looking for it are typically looking for it. It’s commonly a transparent solid with a smooth texture. It has the appearance of glass and, like glass, may shatter, thus the name.

Resin that is alive  

After a fresh flower is flash-frozen, live resin is taken straight from it. This process retains a lot of the cannabis fragrance and terpenes, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who want a robust marijuana taste. Is Resin, on the other hand, a good substitute if marijuana supplies run out?

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Rosin is a popular concentration that can be made at home using fresh flowers, a hair straightener, and parchment paper. It has lately become quite popular because of its accessibility and ease of creation. Do you need some repurposing ideas? What Can You Do With Marijuana Rosin Chips?


Wax, often known as dab wax, is the stickiest kind of concentration. Dabs are marijuana concentrates that are roughly the size of a Tic-Tac breath mint. Dabs are made by extracting THC, usually with the use of a solvent like butane. Wax, honey, shatter, budder, crumble, or butane hash oil are some of the terms used to describe the final product (BHO). The distinction between dabbing wax and vaping wax is as follows.

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Wax is used to make crumble. If you put wax into a vacuum or a drying process, it turns into crumble. For dabbing, crumble may be made or broken into bits. 


Marijuana concentrates are also available as oils. The most prevalent forms of packaging are syringes (for topical application or ingestion) and cartridges. Oil is widely used in e-cigarette-style vape devices, generating a vapor that is similar to that of an e-cigarette but with a higher concentration of THC. Do you want to learn more? This is the most significant distinction between cannabis oil and CBD oil.


Tinctures are marijuana concentrates that are based on alcohol. Tinctures are becoming more popular as THC cocktails become more mainstream. Tinctures are frequently taken orally with a dropper and may also be mixed with food or drinks.

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Is it Safe to Use Concentrates?

Concentrates should be handled with caution. Just as with any other kind of THC, it’s important to do your homework and keep track of how much you’re taking.

A concentrate may be a terrific method to experience marijuana if all precautions are addressed. Its concentration, in fact, may aid in more exact dosage. You may have a firm grasp of how one drop of tinctures or oil will effect you instead of “guessing” how you would feel after one joint. When experimenting with extremely concentrated marijuana, always err on the side of caution.

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Although THC levels rose dramatically in persons who ingest concentrates, elevating blood levels of THC more than twice as much as smoking regular pot, the effects of the substance were not necessarily much larger, according to a 2020 study done by CU Boulder researchers.

The findings does not apply to novice users, who should still be very careful with concentrates, according to coauthor Kent Hutchison, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at CU Boulder who also studies alcohol addiction.

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“Does long-term, concentrated exposure wreak havoc on your cannabinoid receptors in ways that might have long-term consequences?” “Does it make it more difficult to leave when you want to?” Hutchison wondered. “Right now, we don’t know.”

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