Just when you thought you had it down pat, the DC Cannabis Cup left town and now you find yourself in need of a gift for a loved one, or just a gift for you! There are so many options for that special someone, but how do you choose? Well, we can help. RedEyeDC.com, the local online store from the Washington Post, is a great place to find great gifts, and we’ve got a great selection of flowers for you to choose from. We have a variety of flowers and marijuana products from the finest vendors in the area.

Located in Northeast D.C. RedEyeDC.com offers flowers and gifts from local businesses, artists, and designers in the Washington, D.C. area. The website also offers a bimonthly print edition, an annual calendar, and other goodies.

Wow, how many new courier companies are out there these days!  RedEyeDC.com opened around the same time as DistrictofC.com, so it’s about time (ba-doom-ching) that they write their review too! The website is intuitive and easy to use.  You are prompted to enter a password to access the site, but the password is displayed on the same page, so I don’t understand the point of this feature, but there is no problem logging in.  You can order cookies with no additives or a t-shirt.  I love this idea – the additive-free cookies give you something sweet to chew on after you’ve enjoyed the flowers.  The opening hours are a bit odd – they claim to be open whenever you want to order.  I contacted them at 7pm on a weekday, so I have no idea what time they deliver.  They only accept credit cards, which is perfect for me to earn frequent flyer miles, but if you need some wiggle room, consider a reloadable card.  I put Indica in the notes section because, damn, I need to relax a little.  While waiting for my order, I looked at their About page in detail and was pleased to learn that a portion of each sale is donated to the House of Ruth, a local non-profit that provides invaluable resources to help women and families escape homelessness and domestic violence, something that is particularly close to my heart. word-image-13826-rotated Their goal is to deliver within the hour, traffic permitting, but these guys were very fast.  Thirty minutes later I got a call that the driver was downstairs.  It wasn’t hard to spot the guy with the little pizza box with Red Eye DC on it.  He was professional and polite, asked me for my ID, then handed me the box with a professionally sealed and wrapped gift.  Personally I don’t like dark bags because I want to see what’s inside, but I understand that not everyone wants to stand in front of their building and look at their weed like an old guard gold digger.  A few years of experience with these bags taught me that I only had to squeeze them a little and they would contain what I expected, so I thanked the driver and went inside. word-image-13827-rotated The package was labeled Sweet Tooth, so they get a lot of points for honoring my request in the notes.  The bag consisted mainly of popcorn kernels, but covered with a light glaze and well maintained.  The weight seems to be within the norm, but I don’t have a scale to check that right now!  I was expecting a sweet smell, but I got a disappointing hay smell instead.  I reloaded the RAW cone and found the smoke sharp but tolerable.  However, the medical benefits were exceptional.  This strain is a relaxing and heady indica, just what I needed.  It really helped ease my anxiety and put me in a receptive, happy mood to laugh and watch sitcoms (the show Brickleberry with Tosh and Dee from Always Sunny is very funny).  Flourish is a very useful trait for what some people are dealing with, but it’s not what I’m looking for, and I’m happy to report that it’s not in this indica.  I decided to eat one of the chocolate chip cookies they make every day because it was so delicious. After an hour of smoking, I was definitely ready for bed, and if I had kept going, I probably would have fallen asleep in the chair again. Overall I had a good experience – fast, friendly, easy service and I loved the button, although there is definitely room for improvement, I like these guys.

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