There is no shortage of abandoned, vacant buildings in the United States that are taking advantage to grow cannabis. Cannabis companies have created a sense of community and opportunity by using these spaces for their gardens or dispensaries.

Green Thumb Industries is a company that has been around since the 1970s. They have a hand in many different fields, but they are most known for their cannabis industry. In recent years, they have been able to breathe new life into vacant buildings by turning them into dispensaries and growing facilities. Read more in detail here: green thumb industries.



Weed can grow just about everywhere, if there’s one fact in life. Every state has backyards, greenhouses, basements, rolling hills, and acres of farmland, as well as jails. At least, it was formerly a jail.

Green Thumb Industries, one of the country’s top cannabis companies, will build a contemporary “cannabis campus” on the site of a former federal prison in Warwick, New York. According to Ben Kovler, creator and CEO, “it’s kind of a full-circle situation for the sector.”

At the groundbreaking, Kovler remarked, “Today is an illustration of the next great American growth narrative in motion.” “This location used to be a federal jail where cannabis prohibitionists were imprisoned. It will now be transformed into an economic center that produces high-quality cannabis products, generates hundreds of new employment, and benefits the surrounding community.”

This is a rising trend.

According to Architectural Digest, as the cannabis business grows, cannabis firms are seeking more and more unusual sites for everything from retail stores to grow operations. 

Some of these changes are poetically justifiable. Green Thumb isn’t the first jail-to-pot farm: Ocean Grown Extracts bought a former prison in Coalinga, California, in 2016 to produce its goods. Evergrow plans to construct its new home in a disused police training facility in Flint, Michigan. Harmony Dispensary opened its doors in New Jersey in an industrial building that formerly housed the pharmaceutical company Merck. 

Sometimes the switcheroos are welcomed, and sometimes they aren’t. Medical marijuana is grown on a farm that has been growing poinsettias, pumpkins, and Christmas trees for decades, and it provides its own sort of calm and happiness. However, Verano Holdings, one of the country’s largest growers, took over a former Walmart in Readington as a mega-grow room, much to the dismay of several neighbors.

Providing for a need

Cannabis is a legal company in every state, so it’s understandable that industry executives want to help areas that have been hit hard by economic downturns.

“We think that life is better with cannabis,” said Josh Genderson, CEO of Holistic Industries, “therefore we construct growing processing facilities in communities that want and need us to improve the community.” “An abandoned or neglected property that we can revive is one of the things we seek for while exploring sites for our facility.”

One such location is a former Michigan bowling alley that is now a huge 64,000-square-foot Holistic Industries expansion and retail branch. Madison Heights received a $20 million investment that resulted in the creation of 150 new jobs. 

When the company first opened in 2021, Genderson stated, “We will continue to fund projects and initiatives that are important to the city and its residents, because what is important to Madison Heights is important to us as we deliver on our mission to be the best place to work, shop, and invest in cannabis.”

The “hash india” is a cannabis company that has been using vacant buildings to grow marijuana. These buildings are typically abandoned from former prisons and Walmarts.

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