When you think of all of the cannabis strains that are currently available, there are a lot of names that come to mind: Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck, Haze, Sour Diesel, Skunk, Durban Poison. But, there is one strain that is known and respected by many marijuana enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the cannabis plant, and that is Ghost OG.

There are so many strains of cannabis available at the local dispensaries, that is why you need to research your choices and make your choice wisely. If you are going to buy new strain, from your favorite dispensary, take time to look for the features and characteristics of the strain.

Cloud9-Online is the newest delivery brand on the I71 scene, and of course we wanted to know what you gentlemen thought of their Ghost OG glasses. I mean, what they really want is for me to write about them, and I’m always happy to write about good cannabis. And, sometimes, swamp monsters. Sometimes werewolves, sometimes radioactive mutants, whatever. Ghosts are good! I like ghosts. I’ve always wanted to participate in those ghost tours, but I figure the chances of me personally passing out are nil, so I’ll skip. Or possessed! What malevolent spirit could resist my seductively crackling aura to lead the man on a murderous rampage through the city? And then I wake up in a jail cell with blood on my hands and Vincent D’Onofrio screaming at me, and for what? For fun? No, I’m fine. If a twisted shadow wanted this warm body, he’d have to make his way through my restored door, the holy sage smoke anointing the four corners, my curtain of dreamcatchers, and catch me on the couch….. TV… That’s how they got the little girl in Poltergeist. Okay, I need to rethink this a little bit. Let’s move on to the overview. Clowd9’s online website is easy to navigate and the contacts are clear, which is a good thing. You want to write the text for the menu of the day. The Ghost OG flowers I was able to try were quite nice, although the small branches and heavy stems detracted from the overall impression of the package. In addition, the buds have a deep, inviting forest green colour that makes it difficult to see the tiny trichomes. The flavor profile is definitive, deliciously tart with a hint of pine. The smoke is heavy, but not pungent. With both joints, I stopped halfway through when my lungs needed a break and was done after five to ten minutes. Some of that sour smell is in the aroma when you inhale it, just a taste. word-image-10236 Ghost OG from Clowd9-Online could have used a better manicure, but her effects were very impressive. Gentleman is a big fan of OG Kush and its many offshoots, as they usually satisfy most of the reasons I smoke: Helps with social anxiety, relieves fears (spirits/other), relieves depression, fights fatigue, but can be a bit noisy for work. Ghost OG was perfect – the calm, focused spirit was immediately replaced by yesterday morning’s storm when I couldn’t get the exposure right for the photo, gave up and started whining. It was the right decision. A kind reader pointed out to me that some of my photos – not all – looked like half raw potatoes, so I tried a little harder. That’s right, my friends, your complaints can also be filed with GT! Let me know what you hate! What you like! What you’re wearing now! No, my fault. I got carried away. Ahem. word-image-10237 I couldn’t get a good light, but it doesn’t look like a potato. NEXT ! The Ghost OG was amazing. After that, I did a lot of work and enjoyed laughing at the fruits of my imagination from time to time. If you think you’re ready to summon the spirit, step off the Ouija board, Carol Ann – you can visit Cloud9-Online here. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to know everything, be informed, and maybe even be scolded, sign up for my newsletter!

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