It’s sad, but true, that the cannabis community is not evenly represented. We’ve had rich white ladies smoking joints, and we’ve had rich white ladies high on a special concentrate. A lot of people in this community are so closed off and so incredibly ignorant, that they don’t give a damn about the rest of us. The cannabis community needs to be done away with. I know why they are here: they want to get high, but they don’t want to pay for it. Let’s make it legal for everybody else, but keep it illegal for them.

The legal cannabis industry is on the verge of a major boom. But as the new industry develops, Rastafarians who want herb for religious purposes are being left out. It is estimated that the Rastafari movement has over 2 million members worldwide, but as the industry is legalising, especially for medicinal use in the U.S., the Rastafari movement is unable to cash in.

For many people, being a Rastafarian means more than just following a religion. It means being part of a cultural group with a strong sense of identity. It’s a movement that is deeply rooted in the African diaspora.. Read more about latest legalization news and let us know what you think.



Markland Allison, a Rastafarian from Mitchell’s Hill in Rock River, Clarendon, has strong feelings about the legalization of marijuana in Jamaica.

Jamaicans are urged to take advantage of the projected US$42 billion business, but Allison believes it is a pipe dream for regular Jamaicans and Rastafarians.

He claimed his impression is that “classism in Jamaica is worse than racism in America,” and he asked for a fair opportunity for Rastafarians throughout the nation.

“In America, the black guy is subjected to various pressures… We have some class privilege in Jamaica, just like we have in the United States,” Allison said, adding that individuals of a specific class are treated differently in Jamaica.

Allison, who told The Gleaner that he took the conscious choice to stay in his town in order to have a good effect in the face of the brain drain, said he had little chance of breaking into the ganja business.

With the advent of medicinal marijuana, Allison believed he was seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. He did say, though, that he had no idea “the tunnel was that lengthy.”

“In the ganja business, we’ve seen a lot of people acquire licenses, and as a Rastafarian, I believe there’s a concerted attempt to deprive us of our licenses. “I say it in the context of my experience,” he said.

His ‘experiences’ include views of what is going on in his neighborhood, as he pointed to the hills, which he claimed used to be a thriving sugar cane field but is now defunct. He said that two truckloads of coffee were formerly transported from the region, but that today there isn’t a single coffee tree in sight.

He compared it to the ganja system, saying that even before beginning the registration procedure, which he describes as “costing more than an arm and a leg – an entire body,” he thinks it is beyond of reach for the ordinary guy and therefore leaves them despairing.

He said, “I believe there should be a better, more progressive method to obtain a license to grow ganja.”

According to Allison, he has seen police officers chopping down ganja trees on many occasions.

“Those people would have liked to obtain ganja plantation licenses, but they are being denied. They must purchase fertilizer; sure, it is unlawful because they are compelled to grow it illegally,” he claims.

Allison has asked Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, to give Rastafarians a chance.

Finding methods for the financially constrained average guy to join the business is an opportunity for him.

”If you look at the process, it’s for people who have money and connections to capital, and if you don’t have capital, you need to find a way to connect to capital,” Alison said.

The past few decades have seen an explosion in the cannabis industry, thanks in large part to the ongoing legalization of the plant in many states. In fact, the industry is expected to be a $40 billion industry by 2020, and that’s just the beginning…. Read more about what is rastafarian and let us know what you think.

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