The year 2018 has come and gone and we have been hard at work on our flagship strain “GT 1 Year Anniversary”. We’ve had a lot of fun and met some of the nicest people we’ve ever met, and we hope to have you join us on that journey.

What happens when you invite a handful of the most important people in the cannabis world to Las Vegas to celebrate the first year anniversary of Green Thumb, the first Cannabis research and development company to offer cannabis tech products to the public? The world’s first cannabis networking meetup at the Hard Rock Hotel!

Welcome to the GT 1st Anniversary Live Review from Las Vegas! As a special one year anniversary guest, we have special guest Simon Tashman on the show to help celebrate! Also joining us is Kelly, an experience guest who will be discussing his experience smoking and growing on the proper way to grow cannabis from seed to harvest! It’s a great show and a great way to start the year off!

So you wonder what a sassy girl like me is doing in Sin City? Ah, you read the title, did you? is one year old and, coincidentally or perhaps karmically, this anniversary coincides with the first day of marijuana sales in Nevada. And I decided there was no better way to celebrate than to keep working. Hahaha. Today, it’s Weed in Vegas, baby! word-image-11052 Several medical dispensaries now licensed to sell recreational marijuana opened their doors at midnight last night to begin the first day of sales. I got in line at the Essence Vegas medical marijuana dispensary downtown at 2307 Las Vegas Blvd, which by the time I arrived (12:40 p.m.) spanned the entire perimeter of the building. I didn’t get in until after two, but the line wasn’t annoying. First there was a team of street vendors trying to sell weed to people in line. A burly young man with a tattoo and a French accent convinced us to buy his OG #18 instead of waiting in line, and assured us in a friendly, carnival-like way that there would be no good weed for us inside. His young assistant scoured the row of stickers, looking for willing candidates. As far as I could tell, there was none. Me personally? I was there to stand in line, and even though I knew he was bullshitting when I got up and the button was full, that was going to be my story of the day. Journalism, baby! They cleared out after about ten minutes, when a man in a van came screaming that he had Gelato Brass Knuckles. Again, no one was interested in leaving the line. Our new friend has showered us with criticism: You don’t even know what it is, do you? Yeah, man. We know you sell weed. We are here for the first time in Nevada to legally buy weed in a store and be a part of history. Keep your head up, man. Then came one of Essence’s regular patients who uses medical marijuana. This guy is in a sports car adorned with stickers from marijuana shops that I recognize as colleagues in the industry. First, he insists on parking in his spot, even though the parking attendant tried to tell him it wasn’t free because we were all next to him. He parks there anyway and intercepts a few static people in line, then informs us of his medical status, clearly suggesting that he’s worth the pot more than we who have been waiting in line for over an hour. He told us he called the pharmacy and they let him in or served him outside. Your master had doubts – can you imagine the optics? After a few minutes, it turned out I was right. The man apologized to the people for his dignified behavior and left. word-image-11053 History of OH by Cali Kush Farms Doctors, don’t be jerks. I think all use is medical, but even if it’s not, how do you know that the gentleman isn’t desperately waiting in line after a long flight and needs medication, but doesn’t have your authorization card? I need this remedy as much as you do, lest I lose control of myself at the dark howls in my mind to quench my unnatural thirst with the heartblood of my enemies. Don’t let the word free time scare you off, bosses. We are united in the same cause, and on another day, no one will wonder if you will be the first. Essence might be the best pharmacy I’ve ever visited. I haven’t tried all of their products yet, of course, but there are so many great things here. The store was bright, large and clean. Despite the line, I didn’t feel rushed as I approached the counter. The service was pretty good. These guys were full of people, some of whom had never set foot in a pharmacy before, and my Badtender made me feel like we had all the time in the world to look at their various chips, crumbs and dryer sheets, and oh boy, what a selection here! My badetender was not only very knowledgeable – you have to be to be called Terp Joe – he was friendly, eager to talk about all his favorite products and point out the ones he found beneficial. This guy is probably the best badtender I’ve ever had – seriously, give him a raise – but I looked at other people at the front desk and everyone was so genuinely friendly. A wandering energy vampire like me can soak up the positive vibes of this place. I found a printed note for the staff saying that they knew it was going to be a stressful night, but that they would get through it as a family. If that doesn’t fill your heart with more warmth, kitties on YouTube! word-image-11054 Rosin Rocket! I needed a wax crayon to try the Sin City concentrates, and not only did they have one for me, but the manager gave me 15% off for nothing! No, just kidding, there was a whole micro-link where I had to wince when he said it was $70. But still, it’s pretty damn cool. I also got a free preroll because I gave them my phone number! I don’t expect that to be the case, given what our new i502 member Drew said recently about prerolls, but a gift is a gift. The products I have tried have lived up to expectations. As you may recall, I love caviar. So I bought some caviar rockets (I’m celebrating, remember?) at BAM. A good oily, sticky resin is added along with the bloom, just after the first six puffs or so, and you know you’ve reached it because the burn is slow and the smoke suddenly makes you cough. Halfway through, I had to clear it and blow my nose. I’ve only tried White Nightmare so far, but I haven’t even technically finished it yet, and I can’t start Gorilla Glue/Forum Cut Cookies until I do. The rules, sir! I am satisfied with this product at $22 each. I also had a good old fashioned joint, a $9 Cali Kush Farms, one gram OG Story Preroll that smelled good, smoked good, and was very enjoyable. word-image-11055 Blue Frost When Turp Joe wanted to show me the crumble, I hesitated. Then he gave me a taste. Oooh, this Kramble Blue Frost from Desert Grown Farms, from the Alternative Medicine Association, contains terpenes! Woody, spicy, maybe with a pinch of cinnamon? Why guess when you can just look at the label? It’s true, terpenes have been tested and noted! OMG! The highest content of b-caryophyllene is 6.99 mg/g, limonene 4.67, linalool and humulene about 3, beta and alpha-pinene about 1. I love it so much, can we do this everywhere? Very pleased with this product at $45 per gram. Excellent blend, I feel calm and energetic (I smoked it while writing). Some concentrates make me very dizzy in the morning if I take them after a light breakfast, but this concentrate makes me pee gracefully for an hour. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a pizza place somewhere in this town with my name on it.One of the biggest cannabis events of the year is coming this Friday, November 8th when we host the GT 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Weekend in Las Vegas. This year, we have the Golden Trip and the Golden Anniversary Prizes.. Read more about 15th wedding anniversary gift and let us know what you think.

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