Cloud 11 is a cannabis-focused company that offers gourmet edibles, topicals, and flower. They are located in Los Angeles and offer white glove delivery service to their customers.

Cloud 11 is a cannabis dispensary that offers handcrafted cannabis confections and white glove delivery. Read more in detail here: veriheal dispensary.

With the rise in cannabis legalization has come a surge in interest in cannabis edibles, which have a storied history. Edibles have earned a reputation as a unique kind of cannabis experience, with effects that take a while to manifest yet linger for many hours. While brownies are the most well-known cannabis consumable, two chefs in Los Angeles are pushing the limits for these uplifting sweets with Cloud 11, a new edible restaurant.

According to Politico, the COVID-19 epidemic is “eating away at the criminal marijuana industry,” implying that customers are increasingly rejecting illegal cannabis products in favor of licensed cannabis products that pose less health risks. As a consequence, the legal cannabis business has seen unprecedented growth, with many possibilities to push the industry to new heights.

Consumers “may not want to travel to their dealer’s home, or they may not want to have their dealer come into their house, at a time when people are socially distant and not supposed to be engaging with individuals they don’t know,” according to Kris Krane, CEO of 4Front Ventures. Fortunately, we live in an era of tremendous invention and problem-solving creativity.

Cloud 11 is now available.

Many legal cannabis businesses or organizations have been attempting to capitalize on the rise in legal cannabis use, and Cloud 11 is one that provides a particularly unique perspective on the market. Chefs Nick Pritzker and Manuela Sanin, a pastry chef alumna of New York’s Eleven Madison Park restaurant, established the business with the aim of creating an exquisite edibles collection. They’ve been seeing that dream come true since early September 2021.


Handmade and hand-delivered bonbons in delicious flavors like salted peanut, strawberry pink peppercorn, and black sesame and yuzu are available at this upscale confectionary. The chefs “fill each chocolate shell with ganache and finish them with carefully hand-painted patterns by our team,” according to the Cloud 11 website, “giving each taste its own distinct look and personality.”

The bonbons are “two-bite edibles,” according to Eater LA, with “2 to 4 milligrams of psychoactive THC per serving.” This dose is ideal for responsible use since it’s large enough to get a high but tiny enough to avoid any harmful side effects—as long as you don’t consume more than one serving at a time.


Pritzker and Sanin say that their chocolates are located “at the crossroads of art and science,” and that they offer a more “wholesome” experience with the additional confidence that the psychoactive sweets were prepared by a professional pastry chef. They’ve merged the science of effective and pleasurable THC doses with the artistry associated with high-end sweets like bonbons to create this new product.

It’s difficult to locate edibles that don’t taste like cannabis, according to seasoned cannabis users with edible ingestion expertise. Some people like or don’t mind the cannabis taste, while others don’t, and Chef Sanin is here to help. “Food is wonderful and doesn’t have to stop at edibles,” she says, which is why she uses tastes like peanut and sesame in her confections, which “match well with the inherent bitterness and earthiness of cannabis.”

The Cannabis Industry Is Getting More Expensive

Each of Cloud 11’s orders is delivered by a white-gloved delivery worker, making the whole experience as refined as the delicacies themselves. Eater LA describes Cloud 11 as “an intriguing example of how people of the cannabis business are working to shift away from the ‘older, tie-dyed, Cheech & Chong, get insanely stoned’ aesthetic of a previous generation.” Instead, businesses are promoting a more refined, respectable, and responsible approach to cannabis use.


As a result of the shift, the quality of cannabis has improved. Cloud 11 gets its strawberries from Harry’s Berries in Oxnard, CA, its sea salt from a firm in upstate New York, and its sesame paste from a family-owned business in Japan, according to Eater LA. The creators believe that the mix of high-quality ingredients, delectable confections, and refined service will continue to attract both long-time cannabis consumers and newcomers to the industry.


Cloud 11 also employs “sophisticated infusion technology” to guarantee that the cannabis used in their contemporary take on edibles is always precise and consistent, so customers know what to expect. To suit the requirements of its customers, the business provides two dose choices. The first choice, dubbed “Less,” includes 2 milligrams of THC and 2 milligrams of CBD, resulting in a feeling of elevation, relaxation, and balance. The “More” choice contains 4 milligrams of THC and 4 milligrams of CBD, resulting in pleasant, social, and heightened effects.


With the idea that “an edible experience should please the senses,” Cloud 11 is sure to be a success with both seasoned and novice cannabis consumers. Do you live in or around Los Angeles? Try out this fascinating new service and tell us what you think in the comments section below.


Chane Leigh, nicknamed The Bud Fairy, is a cannabis advocate and enthusiast from South Africa with a fiery personality and a desire to travel. She enjoys educating others and challenging social conventions.

Cloud 11 is a delivery service that provides handcrafted cannabis confections and white glove delivery. They guarantee their products and offer monthly subscriptions for those who want to try new things. Reference: is veriheal guaranteed.

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