Each year, the industry-leading produce show returns to the capital, and this year is no exception. Its first official event is the Harvey Norman Produce Awards, where the producers of these quality foods show their expertise in the kitchen.

Eating good food is part of the cannabis community’s identity, with the best chefs and restaurants popping up all over the country. To celebrate the best of the best, the industry’s biggest agricultural awards have once again been transformed into a foodie extravaganza. The Harvey Norman Produce Awards (HNPA) have been held in conjunction with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, with its 11th year of awards held during the Melbourne International Food and Wine Festival.



As more people learn to enjoy the plant’s flavor and nutritional advantages, hemp is losing its stoner and hippie associations and acquiring a gourmet appeal.

Hemp’s protein-rich seed has found its way onto supermarket shelves and into products ranging from hemp burger patties to nut bars, beer, gin, and kombucha since the Australian government deemed it lawful to sell hemp as a food in late 2017.

Overall, Australia’s hemp food industry is worth an estimated $14 million a year and is quickly expanding, especially as more people adopt vegan diets and seek for animal protein substitutes.

Hemp’s nutrient-rich seed is used in a wide range of food products. Picture: Kindred Organics

The nutrient-dense seed of hemp is utilized in a variety of culinary items. Kindred Organics (photo credit: Kindred Organics)

Certified Organic hemp from Tasmania’s Kindred Organics won the Best New Product award in the delicious this week, giving the straight-laced relative of the cannabis plant another another level of legitimacy. The Harvey Norman Produce Awards are presented by Harvey Norman.

Peter Daman, who owns the Kindred Organics farm in northern Tasmania with his parents, emphasizes hemp’s nutritional advantages, which include high protein content, fiber, and Omega 3 fats.

“It’s no longer a hippie food,” Daman adds.

“You can consume the seeds on their own, sprinkle them over yoghurt, use them in breads, salads, and baking,” says the author.

Peter Daman, left, with parents Henriette and Lauran Daman run Kindred Organics in northwest Tasmania. The company took out the Best New Product category in the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2021.

Kindred Organics is operated by Peter Daman, left, and his parents, Henriette and Lauran Daman, in northwest Tasmania. In the delicious, the business won the Best New Product category. The Harvey Norman Produce Awards will be held in 2021.

In 2010, Daman and his parents moved to Australia from the Netherlands, where cannabis is legal for personal use and the hemp sector is far more developed.

For many years, associations with the illegal substance hindered Australia’s hemp sector, and despite the fact that the plant looks and smells like to the psychotropic drug, scattering hemp seeds over your cereal won’t make you laugh.

While both cannabis and hemp are members of the Cannabis Sativa family, hemp has very little THC, the psychoactive component.

Hemp crops, on appearance, are difficult to distinguish from illegal cannabis.

On the surface, hemp fields are difficult to differentiate from illicit cannabis.

Daman believes that the award’s recognition would assist to increase acceptance and knowledge of hemp cuisine.

“Hemp is a popular dish in Europe, but it is just now gaining traction in Australia,” he adds.

Kindred Organics took first place in the tasty category. In 18 prize categories, the Harvey Norman Produce Awards recognizes some of Australia’s best food producers, craftsmen, innovators, and regions. The winners of the coveted prize were announced in a virtual ceremony on Monday night, with some of Australia’s finest chefs on the judging panel.

Produce box, featuring winning foods from the 2021 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards.

Produce package with excellent winning dishes from the year 2021. The Harvey Norman Produce Awards are presented by Harvey Norman.

Delicious. The winners, according to editorial director Kerrie McCallum, serve as a kind of shopping list for people looking for exceptional local food produced with love and concern for the environment.

“At a time of extraordinary upheaval, including floods and the Covid-19 epidemic, it has never been more essential to recognize the perseverance and devotion that Australian farmers, fishers, and craftsmen exhibit their craft,” she adds.

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