Liberty Cannabis is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new grows. We are a licensed collective in the state of Colorado and our goal is to be a leader in the industry by providing a best quality product and excellent customer service. We are located in Centennial, Colorado and have been in the cannabis industry for 4.5 years.

High Terp Crystallite (Liberty Cannabis) is a hybrid strain created by Liberty’s Head Grower Lee Saunders.

Liberty Cannabis is a vertically integrated medical marijuana brand in Maryland that grows its own flower, does its own extractions, and has its own dispensary in Rockville. This quality control is unbeatable! It is also the sister brand of DC MMJ, which originally drew the ire of Gentleman, Holistic Remedies. They are still operating at concentrate prices that, if you are reading from the west coast, baffle you, my friend, baffle you. Apparently it works for them. So I can say what I want, if you want to spend $80 on half an ounce of concentrate, I’ll cry into the void, a ritual I usually reserve for equinoxes to hasten the emergence of my Neverborns. I don’t want to, you know, just waste that energy. But the other half of my anger came from the quality – it’s one thing when the products are incredibly expensive, but it’s another thing when they wash so poorly. So your gentleman came to Liberty to test their Live High Terpene Crystallite and see how far Holistic Industries has come in the last two years. word-image-18851 The first Liberty concentrate I tried came from Kannavis in Ijamsville, which is in the middle of nowhere, not far from where I had set up camp for the night. I love the mountains, I love the space in the parking lots, I love the fact that there are no packs of arrogant rats ready to unleash the Bubonic 2.0. Plus, I’m only in town an hour outside of rush hour. Anyway, I picked up Liberty’s CLARITY (they are grouped by effect) FP OG x Cinderella 99 Live Badder and was very impressed. It had a bright and super clean aroma and taste. Some kind of soap, but not in a bad way? I thought I was crazy until I read that Ocimen, the dominant terpene in this blend, can smell like wet dust, so fancy soap is pretty close. Cindy gave me a pleasant sativa buzz that immediately dispelled my anxieties, as if the good fairy had moved in and given my cognitive faculties more than enough to work with. word-image-18852 So okay, they hit the nail on the head, but I’m not ready to let go of a good grudge so easily. I visited Liberty Pharmacy in Rockville and I have to say it makes a good impression. After checking in, you will be directed to the concierge. With its chic decor and bright white walls, the Liberty store looks more like a spa than an herb shop. I was assigned a saleswoman who showed me a range of products and – encouraged – I was allowed to smell everything I wanted. On this particular Saturday, they were not busy. word-image-18853 Holistic has released some of my favorites as a DC MMJ patient, so I have high hopes, but I think it’s still early, because what I found was a mixed bag. I especially did not like the smell of raspberry cough. However, the sixteenth Cotton Kandy I bought for $30 (Liberty didn’t have a gram on sale) is above average. It smells like this: three quarters heavy skunk and one quarter pine, and the smoke is very even. Like most Maryland medical marijuana flowers I’ve tried so far, potency is moderate, though this strain has plenty of trichomes – I’d smoke three bowls instead of two to get the results I want. Pining makes me more alert, but my mind is constantly short-circuited and distracted, making it difficult to concentrate. I think it’s an influence of the myrcene. word-image-18854 I also picked up two half grams of Liberty’s live concentrate options ($10 off) – SERENITY Grape Gorilla x Purple Pineapple Kush Sugar and TRANQUILITY Bubba OG x Master Kush High Terpene Crystallite. By the way, I asked where they get all those concentrated blends from, when I didn’t see the flowers from which they are extracted for sale. As expected, they released a large number of varieties, but they process anything that is not ripe to be sold as a flower. The GGxPPK sugar wasn’t done yet either, as it smelled strongly of ammonia. I applied it anyway, and the potency and effect are good – I found it much more uplifting than I expected – but overall I was not satisfied. word-image-18855 The high level of terpene crystallite, on the other hand, was more than enough to tip the balance in his favor. A strong floral scent came from the open diamond jar. The flavor was flat, even a little spicy, but the power was on point. Just a little drop of crystal hit like a half-breed. Liberty’s High Terp Crystallite is loud, as if all my senses are being engaged, which is a fantastic solo, but be careful not to communicate with other people’s wavelengths. It has a great effect on my mood and anxiety levels, and nips both PTSD symptoms in the bud. This is best done in the evening, when thinking is heavy and sleep is light. word-image-18856 Gentleman has weighed the heart of Liberty on the scales of Anubis and hereby proclaims that they are NOT doomed to the pit of eternally evil jackals who probably also breathe fire, but worth continuing to work for rewards in heaven where you get your own pyramid which is also a UFO, it’s pretty cool, you’ll see. Newsletter subscribers, of course, get a fast pass to all the attractions and wonders beyond, as well as 10% off burgers at Dead Wally’s Don’t Ask Meat Shack on Tuesdays, limited to one per person. Sign up here!

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