well, I think it’s pretty simple. You just have to look at the quality of the weed, and then look at the amount you get. If you get a bag that’s amazing quality, then you can figure out how much THC and CBD is in your weed. If you get a bag of mediocre weed that’s supposed to be about 18% THC, and you get 14, then you know that it’s not nearly as potent as you were hoping for. This is the reason why it’s important to get the best weed from reliable sources.

Back in the day, smoking a joint was an experience that was primarily about getting high. The reason for this is when it came to the high, you knew exactly how much of the THC and CBD you were getting before you smoked. The higher the THC content, the more enjoyable the experience. Over the years people have been trying various ways to measure the exact amounts of THC and CBD in their weed, and the latest method is by placing a couple of drops of the bud in food coloring, and then adding it to the strain. This method is very fast and it allows us to compare different strains side by side.

The two most common cannabinoids found in marijuana are THC and CBD, and although both are psychoactive, they also have a wide range of medicinal benefits. Although both are commonly referred to as the “high” cannabinoid, some users say that CBD’s effects are more calming than those of THC, and that it often helps alleviate anxiety and even depression. This makes CBD a great option for those who need a little help managing their mental health on a daily basis, often during times of stress or when suffering from a mood disorder.

Cannabis’ potency is governed by the amount of CBD and THC chemicals contained in the plant. So, before smoking, it’s natural to be interested about the precise quantity of THC and CBD contained in a cannabis product.

Hundreds of new cannabis strains have been developed in the past decade, providing users with a diverse variety of choices. There are no two marijuana strains that have precisely the same features. Each cultivar’s flavor and properties will be unique from one another.

This has resulted in a departure from the traditional cannabis culture of the 1970s and 1980s. There were fewer cannabis varieties back then, and everyone knew how much THC and CBD they contained.

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THC and CBD content levels in marijuana products have grown to as high as 30%, with extracts containing very high amounts of CBD or THC chemicals.

The majority of seasoned cannabis users have no clue how much THC they’re ingesting, particularly when these items are bought from unregulated shops.

The data about the product is available only to licensed dispensaries. These shops can offer information on THC and CBD levels, as well as the other chemicals contained in the products. Customers may get this information from seed banks as well.

You must realize that, despite the fact that these statistics are provided by these businesses, they are subject to change. The shift may be related to the amount of time the marijuana has been on the shelf, or interactions between the chemicals in the weed, for example.

Why You Should Test The THC & CBD Content In Your Weed

Testing your marijuana before eating it may assist to alleviate any concerns you may have about a product’s lack of information.

When developing a new strain, cannabis growers often focus on cultivars with high THC concentration, without considering the impact of these chemicals once they reach the user’s body.

When you test your marijuana before eating it, you can tell whether it’s good or bad.

  • What consequences may be expected?
  • When is the best time to utilize it?
  • the correct dose to take
  • If you’re a grower, you should consider whether or not to increase the amounts of cannabinoids.

THC & CBD Testing

This may be accomplished in one of three ways.

You may utilize the estimated numbers given by the merchant if you have a product purchased from a legal dispensary. This method allows you to insert the numbers into a few equations to determine the THC and CBD content levels in the marijuana.

If you reside in a state with legalized marijuana, you’ll have access to hundreds of lab-tested marijuana samples. Almost all marijuana products are labeled with approximate percentages of various cannabinoid component levels, and they’re only available from a licensed retailer.

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The second option is to get a test kit and do the test in the comfort of your own home.

The third option is to use a licensed laboratory for third-party testing.

Are Home Tests As Accurate As Third-Party Tests?

Sure, third-party testing is superior—they utilize high-tech equipment for high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography—but home testing of your marijuana is still a possibility.

Home testing are a do-it-yourself method of verifying the exact strength of your marijuana before taking a smoke. You’ll be able to evaluate the quantity of THC, CBD, and even other components like terpenes in your marijuana if you follow the instructions on how to test your weed at home.

How To Test The THC & CBD Content Of Your Weed At Home

In most areas of the globe, cannabis consumers do not have access to properly labeled goods or records of measured and tested marijuana samples to refer to. As a result, the formula approach cannot always be used to calculate the content level. You may either submit samples to a lab or do the tests yourself.

When it comes to testing your flowers at home, you have a few choices. Some choices are more expensive than others, but they provide more comprehensive results. The less expensive alternatives often provide limited outcomes.

Test Kits for Color Charts

THC and CBD are both tested for in these tests. Flowers, extracts, and oils may all be tested with them. To assess the content reading, these exams simply need a little quantity of information.

Combine a little amount of marijuana and the test solution. Mix well, then compare the color of the solution to the colors on the chart to see where it falls.

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The cheapest technique that may be used at home is the color chart test kit. They also don’t provide comprehensive information. Most graphs only display readings for THC levels of less than 20% and CBD levels of less than 2.5 percent.

Test Kits for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

These kits provide more precise results. They may also be used to test for cannabinoids other than THC and CBD, such as CBN, CBG, and THCV.

Simply combine 0.1g of marijuana and the test fluid. Stain the coated glass plate with little amounts of the mixture using the supplied pipette.

The presence of different cannabis compounds is identified and separated here. Stain the glass with the dye to determine the content level of each. Then you may compare it to the supplied template.

Gadget Evaluation

This is the most costly method for determining CBD and THC levels in the house. Growers, breeders, and other marijuana users who are passionate about understanding the cannabinoid level of their weed utilize it.

It can tell you how much THC, CBD, and CBN are in your system. It can also tell whether there are any terpenes present.


You may rely on the statistics provided by the merchants to spare yourself the expense and worry of doing these tests yourself. This will help you figure out what your marijuana is made of.

Laboratories offer the most reliable and comprehensive information, while home test kits, depending on the kit bought, provide basic or in-depth information on your marijuana.

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Cannabis is a pretty unique plant when it comes to the effects it can have on the human body. This is thanks to the fact that cannabinoids are present in a number of species in nature, but are primarily found in the cannabis plant. The main reason cannabis is so interesting is the fact that the compounds that are found in the plant have been known to have a variety of medicinal uses for thousands upon thousands of years.. Read more about how much thc is in cbd flower and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate total THC?

To calculate total THC, you must first know the weight of your cannabis. Then, you must multiply that by the percentage of THC in your cannabis.

How do you measure CBD concentration?

CBD concentration is measured in mg/mL.

How do you test for concentrated THC?

There are a few ways to test for THC concentration. One way is by using a saliva swab, which can be done by scraping the inside of your cheek and then placing it on a piece of paper or other surface. Another way is by using an oral fluid drug test kit, which can detect the presence of THC in saliva.

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