You might think that making your own Canna Butter and Canna Oil is a complicated process. However, it is actually very simple. What you need to make your own canna-butter or canna-oil is a 600ml (20oz) jar, a steam distiller and some unsalted butter. Follow the steps below to make your canna-butter and canna-oil. 1. Set up your 600ml (20oz) jar, place the lid back on and place it in a steam distiller. 2. Place the unsalted butter into the 600ml (20oz) jar on a flat surface. 3. Place the 600ml (20oz) jar into the steam distiller.

Decarboxylation is the most important step in making cannabis butter and cannabis oil. This step is essential because without it you will not have real cannabis oil, but rather a mixture of butters and solvents.

Canna-Butter and Canna-Oil, also known as CBD-infused butter and oil, is a natural and healthy way to treat your health. They are available and used at most online dispensaries. These products are made from hemp, which is a type of Cannabis plant. These products are available at the color of their natural green.

The process of making cane butter and cane oil is the same, but I prefer to make extracts from whole buds rather than leaves or stems, because the better and stronger the cannabis you use, the better the end product will be. It is best to make a strong extract and when cooking dilute it to taste with plain butter or vegetable oil. You can extract the cannabis in any vegetable oil, I personally choose coconut oil for its health benefits. It also contains a lot of fat, which means it binds the cannabinoids you want to ingest much more. Most of my recipes call for 2-3 teaspoons of healing oil or butter. When I prepare a progressive dinner, I use a smaller amount in each dish so as not to overwhelm my guests. Sometimes I suggest a medicinal supplement that is not mandatory, some people can use it if they want.


1 ounce dried hemp flowers 2 cups butter or 2 cups oil : Coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil


Wooden spoon Large bowl or transparent container Cheese foam Thread, rubber band or ribbon


Step one: Put the marijuana in a food processor or blender. A coffee grinder works too, the finer the powder the better. Step two: Put a large pan on the heat and add enough water to make the pan 10 to 15 cm deep. Most importantly, the marijuana should always remain two inches from the bottom of the pot. Step three: When the water is completely boiling, add the butter and let it melt completely. Step four: Once the butter is melted, turn the heat to low and add the marijuana. The mixture should be cooked slowly and at rest, so be prepared for it to sit on the stove for about 3 hours and definitely not boil. Cooking is bad for cannabinoids. Stir the mixture every fifteen minutes. Step 5: At the beginning of the process, the mixture will look watery and the hemp has not yet been incorporated. The oil begins to change color and the mixture becomes dark and thick. It’s a striking difference that’s hard to miss. Step six: While the canna buttermilk is cooking, prepare a bowl for the finished product. Put a double layer of gauze over the bowl. Secure it with tape, string or elastic. Leave some slack in the mesh so you don’t make a mess when you pour the mixture. Seventh step: When the mixture is thick and glossy, strain the marijuana oil into a bowl, being careful not to spill. When the pan is empty, carefully loosen the string or rubber band, lift the mesh on all four sides and squeeze out the remaining oil. Remember, everything will be hot, so be careful. This part of the process can also be a little tedious, but it’s worth it! Step 8: Allow the canna buttermilk to cool for a few hours. You should never put anything warm in the fridge. Place in refrigerator until butter and water are separated. The butter will rise to the surface and solidify. The THC and other properties are already combined with the oil, and you’re almost there. Step 9: With a knife, go along the edge of the bowl and remove the butter. Step 10: Place them upside down on a work surface and scrape off any remaining cooking liquid. The canna butter is ready. Have fun! If you are like most people, you’ll have a hard time finding weed at your local store, so you will have to either grow your own weed or buy it online.. Read more about cannabutter ratio calculator and let us know what you think.

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