There is no shortage of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, but if you want to create something truly special, you need just a little more!

Few snacks can match the convenience of a grab-and-go snack. But with marijuana edibles and concentrates getting banned from many public places, consumers have been left with few options for when they don’t want to pack a bag. One of the most commonly consumed marijuana products is the cookie, which is packed with food (chocolate chips) and THC (cannabis) but has varying levels of potency. This recipe is an excellent option for those who want a cookie that may be less potent and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Using only the finest ingredients, we carefully craft and hand-form each of our cookies. We offer an array of flavors that are all homemade, from our own secret recipes. We carefully pack your cookie daily, allowing it to cure for a minimum of 2 days before shipping, so our cookies are light as air, not dense and dense like some of the cookie you get at the store. That means we can bake our cookies to be thin, crisp, and deliciously chewy all at the same time. Of course, you’ll still get the amazing Korova twist on every cookie, which adds flavor and just a touch of crunch. We love our Korova Chocolate Chip Cookie, and we hope you do too!

I had long wanted to get my hands on one of these 150mg chocolate cookies, and after searching in vain for the elusive three-eyed cow, I was like a perky Japanese schoolgirl when I got my hands on this delicious treasure for my first order. Oh, wait, that’s right! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Brittany, but you can call me Naughty. Some of you may know me from my Instagram @DopeNerd420. Be sure to follow my adventures in Initiative 71, as your lordship is already busy not overloading his suitcase, as is common in comedies, for western destinations. I told him he didn’t need a dozen ascots in June, but did he listen to me? Men, right? Anyway, he asked me to help him separate the dirty from the grimy. If you see me on the street, say hello! We can turn on the Jay and have a chat. I promise I won’t bite. word-image-4416 Let’s get going! Korova Edibles are among the strongest and most consistent products on the market, with THC/CBD amounts ranging from 150 mg THC/1.8 mg CBD to a remarkable 1000 mg THC/12 mg CBD. They go further and break down the ratios into doses to ensure that patients get the benefits they need without fear of under- or over-dosing. KorovaEdibles are regulated by the 50 mg dosage system. For example, 150 mg of THC equals 3 doses, while the 1000 mg version equals 20 doses. Given my extremely high tolerance, I completely ignored this advice and ate the entire 150 mg cookie. word-image-4417 Oh, you didn’t know I was a BAMF, did you? It was absolutely delicious, soft and moist, like a cookie from a store at the mall. The spicy accents were present, but not too strong. It was subtle enough to be a nice addition to the recipe. word-image-4418 I retreated to my cave and turned on the computer, in the mood to play Legend of Zelda while I waited for the cow to spring into action. After about an hour, my whole body relaxed and the back pain I had was significantly reduced and almost gone. By the second hour, the bank had locked, but I remained in a state of total concentration. I was in the zone, and neither Stone Talus nor Heenox could get in my way! Overall, the euphoria caused by Korova Chocolate Chip 150mg Cookie lasted about six hours. The unparalleled power advertised on the packaging really exists! I would definitely recommend these delicious treats to experienced users with a high tolerance for ingested cannabis products.Korova is a cannabis bakery that primarily serves the West Coast of Canada. Our main shop is in Vancouver, BC.. Read more about korova cookies near me and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Korova edibles good?

Korova Chocolate Chip Cookie by Korova. Korova is a brand of chocolate chip cookies I can’t say enough good things about. They’re delicious, they’re high in fiber and low in calories, but it’s the edibles that sets them apart. Korova edibles are loaded with the most potent cannabis available (says so right on the label), and the resulting effect is a blast of euphoria that lasts for long and long. The cookie itself is delicious too – it’s not too sweet, but has that nice, chewy texture that makes you want to eat the whole thing.

What happened to Korova edibles?

The Korova edibles brand was purchased by High Times in 2016 and now serves as an online store that sells various strains of cannabis-infused products. Korova chocolate chip cookies, for example, contain a THC-infused cookie base, chocolate chips and cookie butter. When you think about edibles—or, more specifically, the cannabis-infused treats that have become increasingly popular—you probably don’t think “chocolate chip cookie.” Kranny Alston, the owner of Korova Chocolate Chip Cookie, however, does. And that’s because his company is bringing a little bit of sweetness to the world of cannabutter.

What is Korova unrivaled potency?

Korova Chocolate Chip Cookies, it is a cookie that gives you a fantastic high each time you eat them and which is very potent. The amazing cookies are only available at the Korova Cannabis Club in East London. Korova Chocolate Chip Cookie, a stellar treat created by the skilled hands of Korova Cookies to satisfy any type of sweet tooth. Korova Cookies is a premium cookie brand that has consistently made waves in the cannabis industry. Korova Cookies has been serving up sweet treats to the cannabis community since 2015. Korova Cookies has a variety of full spectrum, organic cookies that are made with carefully sourced ingredients, such as premium chocolate chips, all natural peanut butter, and no preservatives. Korova Cookies is committed to providing the best tasting, most effective cannabis products available on the market. Korova Cookies is a cannabis-friendly cookie brand that delivers premium cookies and treats with zero THC. Korova Cookies only uses the highest quality ingredients, such as organic,

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