This is the second month that I have been growing. I can say that I have grown to love this hobby. The reason is I have learned so much about cannabis and how it grows. In this month’s blog I am going to reveal my first cannabis harvest. I hope you all can learn from my first harvest. I will also show you the difference between cuttings and clone.

This blog is dedicated to the marijuana growing hobbyist. When I was a teenager, I enjoyed many hobbies. For a time, I would spend most of my time in my back yard, creating art and writing. Often, I would spend my time in my front yard with my friends, playing baseball, basketball, or just talking about anything. I was a normal teenager. But, one day, I had a strange experience. I felt as though I was being watched. I had the idea that someone wanted to know what or who I was doing. I was frightened, but I couldn’t explain my feelings. I was very curious and I wanted to know why I was being watched so intently.

“Laughing Buddha” is a special flower taking care of the Buds of our friends in the community. With a special love it has grown to the size of a small plant, the flowers and leaves are a beautiful green color and taste like a mix of gin and cannabis.

Grover Cup contestants have begun their journey to becoming gentlemen and I love what I see so far, guys! Right now, my favorite is the Laughing Buddha.  Cory Neal won second place in the Sativa competition with these flowers, and the recognition is well deserved! word-image-12898-rotated Let’s get straight to the impressive medical benefits.  This strain is touted by renowned grower Barney’s Farm as useful for treating depression, and I’m happy to report that she didn’t disappoint. I started looking for strains last year when I became a medical marijuana patient in DC, and Laughing Buddha is the best daytime remedy I’ve found.  It instantly calms anxiety and leaves you with a clear mind, like Alternative Solutions’ Blueberry Headband, but this hybrid didn’t make it into my own variety rotation because it doesn’t work well against depression or lethargy.  Buddha touches all the important moments, gives a lasting boost of energy and lifts my spirit above petty worries. This blend of Thai and Jamaican heritage has a deep, earthy flavor that reveals notes of dark chocolate when crushed.  The smoke is mild but thick and voluminous, causing you to ingest large amounts, resulting in coughing fits. Real Deal’s Gardenz finished these flowers well. The contrast between the dark orange and red hairs covering the pale green bushes reminds me of coconuts, and I can imagine this plant growing on the beach of a remote tropical paradise.  The buds are pleasantly dense for a sativa and quickly regain their shape after a light squeeze. I always love seeing the smooth white ash left in the tube after peeling, the end result of excellent organic horticultural techniques. I can’t wait to get more and grind them into resin!  I’m not expecting a big harvest – it’s not that sticky – but I know it will be a top drug! If you are looking for a consultant to help you grow your business towards Initiative 71 requirements, please contact Cory on Instagram @realdealneil13. Bookmark.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about laughing buddha feng shui and let us know what you think.

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