District Connoisseurs are people who use cannabis in any way, shape, or form. They like to share their experiences, knowledge, and opinions on the cannabis community. We are a small group of cannabis lovers who want to share our experiences with the world.

I started working at the Silverado in May of this year. Prior to this, I worked at the Prime Time in Willowbrook for what felt like forever. I started at the Silverado for the loan department and within a week of arriving I was given the opportunity to be the primary contact on a project.

This site is a resource for interested people in the District of Columbia in regards to the sale of (cannabis) products for recreational uses. We aim to provide a place of information for those who seek to purchase their cannabis from strictly reputable vendors to no longer have to be subjected to sketchy dealers.

I can’t stop thinking about slime samples. A single scream that turns into a slimy, angry gurgle. Flesh bubbles, melts, turns into a shapeless mass of broken bones, upturned organs and gnashing teeth. A hand emerges from the boiling abomination as it liquefies, pulling another unfortunate soul into this hellish singularity. Then one more. Each victim joins the rapidly growing mass of the Legion. Escape soon becomes impossible. A thousand mouths pouring out in a piercing cacophony, an exquisite symphony of anger, pain and confusion. The creature notices me in a swirl of eyeballs and moves forward, oozing onto the ground. I climbed to great and awkward heights, a muddy monster towered above me, acidic slime fell in sizzling pools around my feet….. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it? That’s what I’m saying: You want to get high? I don’t really want to go to the opening. Too many people, whether they turn into a blob or not. But I plan to be there with DCMJ, handing out joints or checking IDs (shhh, you can sign up to help here). You may have already heard about the brilliant plan by Adam Eidinger, Nicholas Schiller and others to keep cannabis reform relevant and newsworthy amidst the shitstorm Trump’s transition team has unleashed, only it’s literally been mentioned everywhere but here, because frankly, fuck this news. I can’t do it and have a day job, I’ve tried, but no, no, no. From now on, it’s all about criticism. Speaking of which. Oh, baby, let me tell you about my last crush. Do you follow Area Icons on Instagram? Wait, are you following me? Please do the same! It’s for my self-esteem. Anyway, I met these guys at a recent event and all these great records are even better in person. Where you can smoke them. I bought some live lemon resin to try. You all know that your lordship has a fondness for the wonderful aromas of living resin mounds. In case you haven’t heard: This concentrate is obtained by processing fresh frozen unrefined flowers. This vibrant resin has impeccable clarity and a splintery consistency and is, frankly, delicious. The expected lime is abundant, but the spicy note makes you feel like you just bit into a fresh fruit. It’s Lemon from District Connoisseurs – All Systems Go, a 10×10 release, an instant injection of energy, focus and clarity into the cerebellum. Good daytime cures are in high demand – after all, there’s so much to do in a day, isn’t there – and this particular one turned out to be a real bargain. A tasty pellet or a load of Waxing Pen improves my mental ability to handle any task, and relieves unpleasant thoughts caused by anxiety and depression. Highly recommended! District Connoisseurs also offers a large selection of beautiful flowers. They were generous enough to give me several varieties to try, but when I saw the coveted Lambs Breath on their stand, I had to buy it too. I had hoped to find this native flower when I was in Jamaica, but only found the centerpieces. Tourist problems, huh? All strains of Znatoka hemp have a thin layer of trichomes, but Lamsadem is particularly padded. It tasted sweet and milky and pleased the spirits by filling them with contentment, perfect for a stroll in that mid-January fall season. Other varieties also exceeded expectations. The Girl Scout cookies smelled wonderful, like soft pine, and put me in a good mood to start the weekend. Gorilla Glue was even sweeter, a deep, lingering scent, perfect for relaxing before watching quality television. The XJ-13 causes a strong physical high while suppressing thoughts, so I was looking for some sort of activity to keep me busy. Oh, but Strawberry Kush is easily my favorite – it smells really sweet like its namesake and is a great choice for a party with a strong, intoxicating buzz that also relieves muscle tension. In fact, the cat’s urine did not smell of ammonia at all. More of a mixture of lime and pine, which made me very talkative. Maybe I’ll bring some back on Friday. You don’t think the crowd will turn into a raging, devouring horde of protoplasm, do you? No. No, of course not. Sigh. Nothing cool ever happens in this dimension.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about live resin white and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is live resin?

Have you ever seen a cannabis plant and wondered what that strange and slimy white stuff on the leaves is? This is live resin and it forms naturally on the leaves of some plants to protect them from insects, bacteria and fungi. This resin is thought to be non-toxic and has many medicinal benefits. This is a short video showing how live resin is formed on cannabis: Growers Harvesting Resin & Flowers from District Connoisseurs Growers Harvesting Resin & Flowers from District Connoisseurs

Is Live resin stronger than dabs?

Today we bring to you another piece of news about the future of Weed. yes, yes, I know we’ve been speculating about the future of Weed forever. As the legal cannabis landscape changes, so to must its products. One of the biggest questions that many of us have been asking is: Who is going to win? Today we’re going to talk about the future of Weed and why I think that the answer is clear. The latest trend making waves in the cannabis community is Live Resin. This is a highly concentrated form of resin, which is extracted using a solvent. One of the best examples of Live Resin is BHO, or butane hash oil. With Live Resin, it is not necessary to bake the cannabis to remove the psychoactive compounds, which can be easily done with BHO.

Is Live resin dangerous?

Marijuana flowers have become mainstream in the USA but this has not been an easy road. The plant has been associated with public opinion, and has faced a lot of opposition during its rise to stardom. Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in America, after all. It can be smoked, vaped, or even used in food and drinks. Many people have been misled by false claims against marijuana, so it’s always good to have a look at what’s going on. The product we are evaluating today is called ” Live Resin”. This is a type of concentrated cannabis that is sold in a glass jar. The product we have for review comes from a company called District Connoisseurs. The product is sold online, and can be purchased through other online retailers and dealers.

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