LucidMood Calm Vape Pen (Kind Therapeutics) is a new device that has the potential to revolutionize the way people with mood disorders such as bipolar, depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders medicate. It will provide people with an alternative to prescription drugs and is being developed by biohacker, Kevin Chen, of Kind Therapeutics. The LucidMood Calm Vape Pen (Kind Therapeutics) is available at a price that will allow everyone to afford to try it.

LucidMood is a pen-style vaporizer that consists of a glass cartridge holding the blend of THC crystals and terpenes. With the pen, you inhale from the mouthpiece and the vapor is drawn in through a coil. The intensiveness of the mood-altering effect depends on the type of blend, and the effects can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The pen can be used in the home, or you can use it on-the-go as well, so you don’t have to wait for the effects to kick in. Schizophrenia and dementia are two conditions that can be helped by using this pen. It is available in various strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.

Introducing Kind Therapeutics, a new line of Vape Pens for both men and women. Most of us are familiar with the fact that smoking cannabis can produce a body high. While this is great for many, we recognize that there are others who do not want to get high, and we are here to help. Our new line of Vape Pens are produced with a minimal amount of THC, and we have created a range of flavors that will sedate your senses while producing a light and mellow body high.

Gather around, my dear bonobos, today we are going to test the LucidMood Calm vape pen from Kind Therapeutics! Kind Therapeutics has the licenses to grow and process medical marijuana in Maryland – they grow the Nature’s Heritage brand. CAUTION: The latest news suggests that there is a risk of serious lung damage from vaping. Public health officials are looking into it. AT YOUR OWN RISK! Their disposable vape pens are much cheaper than most other options – about $45 versus $70-80 at this point in the program. It’s not exactly charity, as they’re only 200mg (the industry standard is 500mg), but it’s nice to have a cheaper option for patients, especially those who have never tried anything but flowers. Hold on, I need a distraction. Disposable is not the right word. There has to be some kind of recycling for this plastic stuff, right? I’ll make a few calls to the pharmacies soon. One said IDK, the other said there is definitely no program for that, wait I have a direct number from KT. Yes, they said they weren’t at the moment, but they were interested in it. I’m not exactly Captain Planet, but it seems like it should be a thing. Isn’t that so? GET YOUR MMJ CARD! Kind Therapeutics’ vape is actually called Sipper, but it sounds like something you’d give to a toddler. Not a fan. Their line of syrups is called LucidMood because they are all balanced 1:1 between THC and CBD, so you don’t overdo it. There is certainly a market for low-psychoactive products, although I prefer high THC products for the treatment of anxiety and depression in PTSD. The vapes also contain pure terpenes based on aromatherapy principles to further evoke the distinctive effect – their website says Focus, Relax, Energy, Bliss, Sleep and Relief, but I….. check it again… Yeah, it’s Calm. Spice doesn’t fit any of the other descriptions – Calm has a strong minty taste. Too heavy. It’s like inhaling a lollipop. Why on earth are there so many perfumes? word-image-18876 I think it’s because the oil Kind Therapeutics uses is suspect. As I pulled the cart as hard as the battery would allow, I could clearly feel the harshness they were trying to hide. By the way, it takes about six seconds, which I don’t appreciate. I know how long I want to push the pen! The THC in the oil may not be bad, but they use the CBD from the hemp plant, which often tastes nasty, instead of extracting it from their own flower. Either way, it’s a bad first impression. A high-quality oil does not need artificial flavors to be pleasant to the taste. word-image-18877 The LucidMood Calm vape pen from Kind Therapeutics is certainly effective. The THC content is 39.7% and the CBD content is 40.1%, which is very close to the advertised 1:1 ratio. It also owns 0.80% of CBG. Limonene is the dominant terpene with 3.67%, followed by alpha-pinene with 1.66% and stranded myrcene with 0.28%. After a few puffs I feel more relaxed and my thoughts are no longer racing through my head like children playing, but I don’t really feel fulfilled. This is partly due to a problem with the control battery. If you keep hitting, your head will get heavy after 5-6 moves. If I’m not getting enough sleep already, it’s time for a nap. I was hoping this drug would help with anxiety during the day, but it’s best for the evening. I would like to try another siphon – I may have received a poor quality product, but if this is the one, your Lordship would be hard pressed to recommend it. Longer pulls would have been nice, but it’s the flavor – and the underlying pungency – that really bothers me here. Kind Therapeutics’ line of 100% organic cannabis preparations (flowers, concentrates, vape pens, topicals, RSOs, etc.) under MariMed’s Nature’s Heritage brand has proven to be of much higher quality.The LucidMood Calm is a vape pen that provides a mellow, relaxing experience, ideal for those looking to reduce stress or increase focus. Developed by Kind Therapeutics, the LucidMood Calm is supplied in 2 mg/ml of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and is also available in 2.5 mg/ml THC and 1.5 mg/ml CBC (cannabichromene). As a result, it is possible to create a range of high THC products to suit personal preference.. Read more about lucid mood loving and let us know what you think.

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