Luxembourg has taken another small step in the direction of legalizing cannabis and regulating its use. The country’s parliament recently approved a bill that sets the groundwork for the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, and sets out the rules for growing, packaging and selling of the drug.

Luxembourg has been pushing for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes for years now, and in February of this year, the country’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill that would make it the world’s first country to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis. The bill now has to be signed off by the country’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, and according to reports, the bill is expected to be passed and signed by the end of the year.

Luxembourg’s parliament last week approved a wide-ranging bill that would allow cannabis to be prescribed for a variety of health concerns. While the bill won’t legalize the production, sale, or consumption of the drug, it will decriminalize possession of it, and could lead to wider legalization in the future.

word-image-14693 No country in Europe currently has fully legal adult use of cannabis, but Luxembourg is leading the way. The only two countries that have legalized cannabis for adult use are Uruguay and Canada. However, there are already countries in Europe with quasi-legal regulations, such as Switzerland, where low-THC cannabis is legally bought and sold. In Italy, the Supreme Court has already ruled that home cultivation is legal, and although lawmakers are still working through the situation, there are now some legal protections for consumers. Several countries are considering legalization and in some cases have even launched limited pilot programs, such as B. in the Netherlands, but one country could be well on its way to full legalization in Europe.

Luxembourg takes a new step forward

Luxembourg may not be the first country that comes to mind when it comes to the question of which country will be the first to fully legalize drugs in Europe. Finally, other countries, such as the Netherlands, are much higher on the projection scale because of their longer history with cannabis and government policy. However, Luxembourg is perhaps the most pro-legalisation country in Europe at the moment. This was evident recently when lawmakers in Luxembourg approved a proposal to regulate legal cannabis.

Will they surpass other European countries in legalization?

In the end, only time will tell if Luxembourg will be the first country in Europe to legalize. Last summer, the Luxembourg authorities announced their intention to legalise cannabis for adults within two years. It’s been almost a year since that announcement, and now that lawmakers have required a draft rule, everything seems to be well underway. But as Mexico’s legalization efforts in recent years have shown, momentum can fade very quickly. Just as the attempt at legalisation in Mexico has repeatedly failed, the same could happen in Luxembourg if there are inconsistencies with the provisions that will eventually be included in the forthcoming draft regulation.The Luxembourg Parliament passed legislation that would legalize cannabis in the country, and made it marriage equality day in the Grand Duchy. The new law, which passed with a large majority, permits the cultivation, cultivation, possession, possession, purchase, purchase, possession, and purchase of cannabis by adults as a means of personal satisfaction.. Read more about cbd luxembourg legal and let us know what you think.

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