The conversation surrounding cannabis-infused food and drink has been heating up recently, with many claiming that cannabis cookery is the next big thing. If you’re already a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, then the idea of cannabis-infused olive oil or cannabis-infused butter should be right up your alley.  But what if you don’t have access to a dispensary?  Well, then you might want to turn to the DIY community for help. Many people have learned to infuse their own homemade edibles, and they’re not afraid to share their knowledge.

The time has come for us to get together once more and talk about the cannabis you all love so much. The legalization of marijuana has been a big topic in the news lately, and you have all been anxiously awaiting news on what the new law is going to look like. There have been a lot of rumors flying around the internet lately, but now there is some more concrete information on what will be legalized and how it will be regulated.

In the summer of 2015, a story began circulating that the spot-on flavor and smell of slightly burnt cannabis was the result of a secret mixture of herbs and spices sometimes called Mambo Sauce. The story, which spread quickly on social media, was that the herbs and spices used in a product called Mambo Sauce were the same herbs and spices used to make that popular dish Jamaican Jerk, which is also sometimes called Mambo Sauce.

Mr. stopped by Herbology on another 4/20 and bought a flight of four cannabis from the Maryland-based medical marijuana manufacturer this Gaithersburg dispensary is vertically integrated with, Grassroots. I was so happy with the flowers that I had to show them to my dear Chem. Now that the wax and RSO have been added to the product line, it’s time for a full description, right? After my first visit, they introduced the practice of ordering delicate flowers, where the buds are removed from a large container and weighed in front of you. Herbalism goes beyond and creates a different level of scale than anything I’ve ever experienced. You can still buy the standard grams, octaves and quarters, or you can spend a few dollars more and get the Prime (1.3 g), the Fin Diesel (3.9 g) or the People’s Quarter (8.1 g). I’m all for the value of money, baby! So the flower we’re going to look at is Mambo sauce, and this time the gentleman himself was talking about genetics, not other websites. I’m the one who raises my head so high I shake the table. !! Okay, I don’t know what this cross is, but I know where it’s coming from. Myster’s flagship store commissioned a breeder to develop exclusive genetics at the launch of I71, and Mambo Sauce was one of the DC-inspired strain names (another was Crystal City) that Myster then handed out for free to promote the store. In the early days of I71, seed stocks were in vogue: You had to wait hours for seeds most people had no idea about, usually hoping one of the proto-gifts would arrive with half an ounce of flower attached to a business card. I think it’s really cool that you can find Mambo sauce in pharmacies now. We started at the bottom, now we are here, as the poet Drake said. word-image-9881-scaled My eighth Fin Diesel from Herbology contained a few small to medium nodes of perfect density – no dense brick, no stickiness, these fresh cannabis flowers are bruised with moderate vigor. Mambo Sauce’s buds have a pleasant green colour and are covered in small but noticeable trichomes. I find stems, popcorn kernels and sugar leaves in my prepackaged purchases fairly often, on the order of 50%. You won’t encounter these problems if you order deli meats, unless your bartender hates you and you’re not careful. Are you wearing a beret? Or do you even say it out loud sometimes? Look, I’m just trying to help. All things being equal, a gentleman will always prefer delicacies to packaged flowers. And now for the fun part: the taste of the mambo sauce! I have never had flowers that could be described as tasty, as if they were to be chopped up and thrown on a pig’s bone. Even better, this incredible flavor invades my taste buds with every exhale of this extremely sweet smoke. All points. word-image-9882-scaled In my experience, Grassroots Mambo Sauce leans significantly towards sativa in the cannabis spectrum. The main effect is to activate the body – after smoking I don’t feel restless, hyperactive or like I’ve touched a source of qi, I just start moving and keep moving. I smoke mambo sauce, do chores, stretch and take quick walks around the neighborhood, not out of motivation, that rare bird that doesn’t depend on me, but just because I feel like it and have nothing to do. This flower also provides adequate relief from anxiety. My mind is calm enough that I can concentrate and think with some effort, but when I don’t, my brain seems to go into scan mode, picking up random thoughts only to lose them moments later. word-image-9883-scaled Grassroots also just released their extract line that sold for $60 each, so I picked up some Waltz Haze Sugar Wax and Tre OG Budder. They don’t look very tasty, especially the unappetizing brown color of the Waltz Haze, but both are sweet and have a clean, earthy taste. They’re respectable. (The new Grassroots concentrate is cool – future GT in 2019). word-image-9884-scaled Grassroots RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), also known as FECO (Full-Extract Cannabis Oil), is exceptional. In the frontier of modern marijuana medicine, RSO is made by pressing the entire plant, roots, stems, the whole deal, through an extractor. The result is a dark oil that is packed with cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. Like I said, I’m no scientist, but it’s basically a version of Whole Foods that’s also edible, or something. There are many anecdotes online about its miraculous healing properties that often help fight cancer – some even claim it cures cancer. I recently met a man with severe chronic pain who told me that RSO was the only thing that got him out of bed. The few times I’ve found it in the past, it was black and tasted broke. Grassroots RSO is a horse of a different color, namely dark amber. I bought the Appalachia variety (indica) and it is my new favorite! It has a solid, rich, natural flavor when brewed alone, but it only takes a small drop to turn your average preroll into a super-powerful caviar joint for when you’re feeling exuberant. The Appalachian effect is absolutely euphoric. Safety Dance somehow ended up in my rotation right after my morning rush, and I spent half an hour on YouTube laughing at stupid videos I couldn’t tear myself away from, until I saw the full video version of Outkast Roses, and I’m still laughing at it days later. No speakers! And certainly not love down there! OMG, stop, this is too much. So it’s a big yes from the Lord for the colors of Grassroots, RSO and their vertically integrated pharmacy. If you’ve got a sick note, stop by Herbology, where they serve you treats in a quirky hipster weight to make you smile over an imported IPA. If you don’t have a health insurance card, my friends at Veriheal can help – more information can be found here. О ! And don’t hesitate to sign up for my newsletter.

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