On paper, the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York State looks like a sure thing. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called it a “top priority,” the legislature has passed a bill, and the governor himself has proposed a state constitutional amendment to make it legal. But opponents of legal weed are confident that they’ll have enough votes to prevent a legal cannabis rollout in the state.

State Senator Philip Steck (D-Onondaga) yesterday announced his support for the legalization of marijuana in New York, in a move that could help the state pass a bill to allow for the regulated sale of the drug by next year. Steck, who holds the Senate’s key role on the state’s powerful Health Committee, said he supports the proposal to allow the recreational use of marijuana for adults in a medical-marijuana-like framework and plans to vote to advance the bill next year.

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is slowly coming to a New York state near you. Although it is still a bit unclear how the state will implement the legalization, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office released a report earlier this month that recommended fast-tracking the process. And the first signs of the governor’s support for legalization came when he appointed Elise M. Hochul, a Democratic state senator from Buffalo, to chair the state’s Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation.. Read more about is weed legal in washington and let us know what you think.



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