The time has come for Marijuana BizCon Las Vegas |. We are proud to announce the second annual Marijuana BizCon in Las Vegas. This event will be bigger and better than last year’s event with an attendance of over 2000 attendees! Some of the main attractions are:

Marijuana BizCon Las Vegas | After plenty of uncertainty and uncertainty, the day finally came for Las Vegas to become the first city outside of Colorado to host the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. After seeing how the Colorado convention has grown in popularity, the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is looking to make Nevada’s Sin City the place to go for a good time. Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat this event at all, the event is definitely going to be a high-stress day.

This year’s Cannabis BizCon was a huge success, with more than 700 attendees, and a lot of new business deals were signed. I hope that 2018 will be even bigger and better, and I hope to see you at the event next year!

Oh, wow, you guys- the Marijuana BizCon in Las Vegas was an overwhelmingly awesome experience. I was looking for an opportunity to get my kickass website some attention from the cannabis business community and buddy, I got it! Everybody was there, dude. The enormous hall was filled with every kind of cannabis business and ancillary service you can think of- multi-state product brands, nationally-distributed magazines, high-tech extraction, lighting & grow solutions, tools for smokers, tools for growers, vape pen and CBD manufacturers, and so much more. There were over 650 exhibitors! And the crowd was super chill. I got to chat with an extraction chemist from Cali, medical cultivators from Montana, a guy that makes cutting machines in Germany, two very cool ladies that help patients get medical marijuana cards in Alaska and possibly have pet penguins, but I think they were just messing with me. Right? word-image-7699 First I stopped by Blackjack Collective for supplies. No, first I stopped at REEF for a couple prerolls cuz they were still open when I arrived on the redeye (VEGAS, BABY!), but those very nice Goo and Fire OG jays went quick so I had to venture back to dispensary land in the morning. I got a 25% discount on House of Herbs flower for being a MJ Biz Con attendee so I picked up a couple grams of their indica Pot of Gold cultivar along with the real necessity, a potent sativa vape cartridge from Rove. I was really impressed by the strength on that cart which the budtender did not undersell at all. The terps were artificial but I didn’t taste any harshness underneath and the high was absolutely perfect for keeping my spirits and energy up throughout the conference. word-image-7700 A couple of hours in to Day 1 and my social anxiety broke like a toy from the dollar store. I couldn’t stop talking to people. My tight little pitch about the site got great reception and it helps that I’m interested in every little aspect of what folks are doing in the industry- even if I couldn’t comprehend half of the crazy intricate extraction sets I was looking at…and having explained to me. I mean, yeah, of course the liquid goes in there and the terps come out in these different tubes here according to volatility, that makes perfect sense and is exactly what I thought it did, I’ll just take a brochure to-go then… word-image-7701 Day 2 was more relaxed and laid back early on. Looked like everyone, me included, had made a night of it in Vegas. There’s lots of afterparties but I didn’t go to one because I decided to make a series of bad choices instead (VEGAS, BABY!) Plus the speakers were going on Day 2, which I didn’t check out because I figured it was more important for me to get my site in front of as many industry leaders as I possibly could. By afternoon, there were so many people in the exhibit halls it was tough moving around, so I spent a couple hours talking to folks outside before heading out for another redeye back to you, my rapacious rapping raptors. And now, for sleep. For me! But more photos for you! And reviews of cool new gear, CBD you can get shipped to you house that actually works, and more on the way. Oh, squee! MJ BizCon, you were the bestest friend DC’s mad blogger could have… word-image-7702 word-image-7703 word-image-7704 word-image-7705 word-image-7706 word-image-7707 word-image-7708 word-image-7709 word-image-7710 word-image-7711 word-image-7712 word-image-7713 word-image-7714 word-image-7715 word-image-7716 word-image-7717The Marijuana Business Con is a trade show for the marijuana industry, which takes place during the Las Vegas Convention Center in the month of May. The meeting aims to bring together the players in the industry, including growers, manufacturers, investors, and others who are interested in the industry.. Read more about mj biz con vegas 2021 and let us know what you think.

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