A study on the gateway drug theory in college students has concluded that marijuana is not a gateway drug. The study has found that the gateway drug theory doesn’t work, and that marijuana is no gateway drug.

There’s a lot of hype around marijuana lately, and many people are looking for an easy way to get high. But how many people realize that smoking pot is very different from injecting it, snorting it or eating it? For most people, the answer is none.

Dan Kingston 6 minutes ago Cannabis News word-image-3101 Claims that marijuana use is directly linked to future use of controlled substances are not substantiated, a new study finds. Political rhetoric advocating for marijuana use is generally based on the assumption that marijuana is the source of hard drug use, NORML reports. The MGH [Marijuana Pathway Hypothesis] is by far the most common justification for prohibition of cannabis use. However, this study provides further evidence that common arguments about responsibility are more consistent with patterns of substance use observed in the United States. Researchers from Boise State University analyzed the relationship between self-reported cannabis use in late adolescence and illicit substance use later in life in a nationally representative sample. The researchers concluded: Overall, the results of the current study provide … additional support for previous studies questioning the causality claims of GMH. Although there is strong evidence of correlation and consistency in marijuana use and drug abuse, correlation and consistency alone cannot constitute conclusive evidence of a causal relationship. Factors other than marijuana use, such as. B. Genetic predisposition, exposure to peers, or access to the illicit drug market may be the primary reasons for heavy drug use, rather than marijuana use itself. Therefore, a government policy that prohibits the use of marijuana in order to reduce the use of hard drugs has little chance of success. 2021-06-07

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